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¡LatinoLA! has been the hottest Latino website for L.A.'s Latinos y Latinas since 2001.

Other websites have come, promised a lot, and gone; but we're still here having fun, serving our comunidad de Amigos, and growing.

Even our competition thinks we're hot. Tu Ciudad magazine named us Best Website in their "Best of Latino L.A." issue.

So, mijos y mijas, no esperen hasta mañana when you can get on with the program today.

Use us to reach our Amigos y Amigas, tens of thousands of culturally-aware Latinos y Latinas throughout Southern California.

What keeps them coming to ¡LatinoLA!? Our unique and lively mix of news, information, calendar listings, commentary, short stories, poetry, job listings and more. And since every single bit of content is contributed by our Amigos, they passionately support us. (more here)

Our Amigos y Amigas are aged 18 to over 50, evenly divided between female and male. They include college students, college grads, professionals, entertainers, artists, teachers, government workers, homemakers, musicians, and more. Some are bilingual, some are bicultural, but all have an interest in Latino arts, entertainment, culture and community.

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