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"Down for Life" at LALIFF 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009
7:00PM to 9:00PM

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DOWN FOR LIFE- Los Angeles Premiere
at Los Angeles Latino International Latino Film Festival

October 15th, 2009 at 7:00pm
Mann Chinese 6

"Romero, discovered at a South Los Angeles high school, is utterly convincing… really standout work done by Laz Alonzo, who plays a no-nonsense school cop who goes the extra mile to try and rein the wild girls in… the portrait of gang life among adolescent L.A. girls is gripping and grim…a breakout perf by tyro thesp Jessica Romero should provide this gritty…street drama with a boost into theatrical play, where teen auds rep the audience most likely to give Alan Jacobs' fifth outing a fist bump at the B.O."
John Anderson, VARIETY

"The emotional chemistry among…novice performers, in concert with a few seasoned pros such as Danny Glover, Kate del Castillo and Snoop Dogg in secondary roles, is one of the things that makes "Down for Life" feel more authentic and credible than many of the countless other movies…brings street cred to two of the movie's thorniest topics: urban girl gang bangers and tensions between L.A. Latinos and African Americans."

"forerunner for the impassioned attention it pays to these tough Hispanic chicks is Allison Anders' "Mi Vida Loca,"… but Jacobs' film clearly is superior… Jacobs also has a remarkable feel for rhythm… his decision to shoot in the school halls in which all this took place, using the same real-life gang girls in the cast, certainly creates that sense of authenticity."

"gritty, wallop-packing Los Angeles-set drama…Unflinching (but not gratuitous) in its depiction of domestic violence and girl-on-girl brutality…cameo by Snoop Dogg is hilarious…first-time actress Jessica Romero freshly plays the lead role of a troubled student…Disturbingly frank, the film assaults its viewers, but in a very effective way."

"BIGGEST SURPRISE: Jessica Romero's performance as a Latina gang banger was the rawest one I saw at TIFF this year."
Mark Daniel, ENT Blog, Canoe.ca

"Riveting, painful and disconcerting in its jagged reality…shot on location in the Watts section of Los Angeles, and benefits from the bristling energy of local teens in various roles…manages to capture the jet-fuelled momentum of Rascal's day while providing quieter moments…In her first film role, Romero is charismatic and crazy tough as Rascal, while del Castillo gives a memorable performance as a former gang member turned mom."

"The film is a brutal and uncompromising look at an environment characterized by poverty and desperation…The script does well capturing the contrast between the shockingly commonplace physical and sexual violence of gang life and the moments of light-hearted girlhood…Lead actress Jessica Romero is a fresh and vivid presence in her film debut as Rascal."
Erin Oke, Exclaim.ca

"the film is a powerful and unflinching look at a world most of us know little about yet it is grounded with a sense of hope that a mainstream audience can relate to: there is a better life out there, if you are willing to fight for it…Riveting, painful and disconcerting in its jagged reality."
NEWS BLAZE, Newblaze.com

"This film breathes life and resurrects what is happening on the streets of not only South Central but in all major suburbs across this country. It focuses a bright beam of light on the social issue that has plagued our country for years…The acting is real, the story is real, and the action is real…It is Moving, Motivating, and a must see!…it's deserving of a distribution deal…and as an unofficial entry into next year's Oscar race!!!! It's that good!!!!
Carlos Morales, THE VOICE
Category Movie
When Thursday, October 15, 2009
7:00PM to 9:00PM
Where Mann Chinese 6
6925 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
Admission Ages: 13-100
Price: $10.00
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