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MexiCali Biennial 2013: Cannibalism in the New World

Saturday, January 19, 2013 to Saturday, April 13, 2013
10:00AM to 6:00PM

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A new exhibit premiering at East Los Angeles College's Vincent Price Museum on January 19, 2013 wants you to think about cannibalism. Not the Hannibal Lecter 'I want to eat your face' kind of cannibalism, but the type of cannibalism that is currently eating our modern world. Merging the work of 26 artists working in a variety of mediums such as sculpture, performance, video and painting, the 3rd MexiCali Biennial is ambitious in scope and definitely worth checking out.

This year's exhibit is the latest installment of a dynamic platform wherein new and innovative channels of communication are being forged between artists from both sides of the Southern California border. The MexiCali Biennial is the brainchild of exhibit curator Ed Gomez and fellow artist Luis Hernandez. The first ever show took place in 2006 in the border town of Mexicali, Mexico. Their aim was to create a "nomadic or moving platform" for artists that lived on both sides of the Mexican/American border. Gomez and Hernandez even asked the participating artists in 2006 to physically cross the Mexicali border coming into the U.S. in order to "experience what it feels like to make that connection" according to Gomez.

Against a political backdrop that seeks to cement the physical and symbolic U.S./Mexico border deeper than ever, the MexiCali Biennial wants to uproot it and turn it upside down. As curator Ed Gomez said, "Having this show that crosses borders and that interrogates both sides is a good way to demystify a lot of the fear, xenophobia, and ignorance that happens from being in one fixed position in space, politically or ideologically."

This year's theme of cannibalism explores the ways in which modern society and mainstream culture devours alternative ideas of identity and culture. All of the artists showcased in the exhibit express some idea of cannibalism that aims to eat or devour an existing form in order to create something entirely new and organic. To Amy Pederson, co-curator of this year's exhibit and professor of contemporary art history at Woodbury University in Burbank put it this way, "Cannibalism in the New World was one of the central rationales for colonialism, but MexiCali also proposes it as a path forward towards a new model for avant-garde practice."

The third ever MexiCali Biennial is an awe-inspiring cross-cultural exhibit that makes you think about what you're looking at. The curators want visitors to view their pieces with an open mind and let the art take over from there. Pederson put it best when I asked her about the place art takes in our contemporary world, "Art is the one thing we have in life that doesn't do anything, except for what it does. Art is a beautiful gift to the world."

This exhibit will run from January 19th to April 13, 2013.

Curated by Ed Gomez, Luis G. Hernandez and Amy Pederson

Participating Artists:
Fred Alvarado, Natalia Anciso, Marycarmen Arroyo Macias, Ana Baranda, Juan Bastardo,
Sergio Bromberg, Helen Cahng, Matthew Carter, Carolyn Castaño, Enrique Castrejon, Tony de los Reyes, Map Conception: Deborah Diehl & Arzu Arda Kosar, Dino Dinco and Rafa Esparza, Veronica Duarte,Roni Feldman, Kio Griffith & Carmina Escobar, Zoe Gruni, HELL- (0) featuring: Michael Dee, Martin Durazo and Ichiro Irie, Daniel Lara, Candice Lin, Juan Luna-Avin, Matt MacFarland, Dominic Paul Miller, Flavia Monteiro, Nancy Popp, Peter Bo Rappmund, Christopher Reynolds, Cindy Santos Bravo, and Fidelius X

Sponsored by: East L.A. College Art Dept.
Category Art
When Saturday, January 19, 2013
   to Saturday, April 13, 2013
10:00AM to 6:00PM
Where Vincent Price Musuem, East L.A. College
1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez
Monterrey Park, CA 91754
Admission Price: Free
Contact (310) 766-2178
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