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IMAX with Laser Launches at California Science Center

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
10:00AM to 5:00PM

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Film-goers to the IMAX Theater at the California Science Center will experience the latest in cinematic technology as the museum gets its new IMAX® with Laser projection system. Grand re-opening to the public is set for October 11. Theater guests will discover the future of film with crystal-clear light, sights and sounds. IMAX's 12-channel surround sound system will deliver extraordinary audio that will engage viewers through multi-sensory immersion.

Two exciting films will premiere along with the new IMAX with Laser system, Amazon Adventure 3D and Hurricane 3D, which were specifically selected to illustrate the capabilities of next generation film projection technology.

Amazon Adventure 3D traces the extraordinary journey of naturalist and explorer Henry Walter Bates during his 11-year expedition into the Amazon. He is credited for discovering the scientific phenomena known as mimicry, where an animal adopts the look of another to protect itself from being eaten. Bates collected and catalogued specimens from more than 14,000 species with 8,000 of them being new to science. His discoveries provided validation to Charles Darwin's controversial "beautiful proof" theory of natural selection. Filmed on location in the lush Amazon region of Brazil, the movie plunges audiences into a wild world of beauty and captivating animal behavior. Things are not always as they seem in the jungle, and audiences will be mesmerized by an array of nature's masters of mimicry. Painstakingly researched for three years, the film enlisted the expertise of more than 100 scientists and historical advisors.

Hurricane 3D introduces audiences to the strength of the Atlantic hurricane, one of the most powerful forces on the planet. In this season of recent devastating hurricanes, including Harvey, Irma, Maria and others, Hurricane 3D gives insight into the science behind this phenomenon, as well as a sense of the visceral impact experienced by those affected. Movie-viewers will learn how hurricanes are monitored to keep people safe, and the ways rescue teams mobilize to help them. They will also discover that, although hurricanes are shatteringly destructive, they play a surprisingly beneficial role in revitalizing the earth's ecosystems.The movie follows the footsteps of a hurricane, which begins its journey as a sandstorm in Senegal, heads west across the Atlantic, building momentum, then blows into the jungles of the Caribbean. Movie-viewers will almost be able to feel the screaming wind through IMAX's new sound system.

From opening day, October 11, until October 31, the California Science Center and nWave Pictures Distribution will donate a dollar from each ticket sale for Hurricane 3D to the 'One America Appeal,' to help hurricane victims.
Category Movie
When Wednesday, October 11, 2017
10:00AM to 5:00PM
Where California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037
Admission Ages: All Ages
Price: $6.75 - $8.95
Discount: Group discount available
Tickets website
Contact (213) 744-2019
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