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Saturday, November 11, 2017
9:00PM to 11:45PM

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SHENKAR, Violin and vocalist virtuoso performs at THE BLUE WHALE
performing some of his favorite compositions selected from his discography
and filmography,
with some very special guests

Neel Agrawal - world percussion
*Christopher Garcia - world percussion
Randy Gloss - world percussion

very special guests

Pedro Eustache - woodwinds
Jim Santi Owen - morsing
Vinod Venkataraman - mridangam

Garcia, an EAST LOS Angeles native and no stranger to LATINO LA
was invited to accompany SHENKAR @ Wesleyan University October 2016.
The first western percussionist, and definitely the only percussionist from EAST LOS
to perform a classical concert of Indian music as a duo with SHENKAR


"another highlight was Shenkar's singing on the fourth track.....Shenkar, with his five-and-a-half
octave vocal range, engrossed audiences with his unparalleled vocal ability over a skillful series
of plucks and bends on his 10-string stereophonic double violin."

"Shankar is one of the world's most illustrious violinist, No surprise then that the best
contemporary artists have called upon the services of the Madras violinist to enhance
their music. "

"Shankar, acclaimed virtuoso violinist, singer, composer and producer who has
sold over ten million albums, is a musical pioneer. He embraces with equal ease three
idioms of music: Indian classical, world music and pop/rock."

"Shankar has played with jazz and rock musicians, including John McLaughlin and Frank Zappa….The bravura South Indian classical style, with its emphasis on rhythmic drive and virtuosity, lends itself well to the contemporary fusion music idiom……..he brought to it something of the inventiveness and intensity that are so evident in his jazz and rock works."

"Shankar, as well as being a top player in both the Western and Indian classical traditions
uses his dazzling virtuosity to full effect in rock and jazz fusions with such artists as Peter
Gabriel, Jan Garbarek, Frank Zappa andTalking Heads. He has an astounding double-necked,
10-stringed electric violin giving him the full range of the string quartet - an instrument which
would appear ridiculous and totally pretentious in the hands of almost any other violinist.!"

"Shankar's scintillating double violin was an aural feast for the senses….an expectant audience
was treated to a dash of world music when Shankar took the stage for their inaugural performance. Beginning with a piece that combined part of his score from Martin Scorcese's The Last Temptation Of Christ and one of his own compositions , 'La Danse Du Bonheur' by Shakti, Shankar gave the audience a short and subtle taste of what his legendary double violin is capable of. Alternating between the two fingerboards to produce lingering high-pitched notes and low drones that gave the music a sense of epic scale ……

"Commonly referred to simply as Shankar……he is probably the most successful Indian
violinist to marry traditional Indian styles with western jazz and fusion."

"Christopher Garcia is known for his expertise in jazz, avant-garde, and both indigenous and traditional Mexican music....Garcia's drumming cut through, complemented, and grounded the reverberating echoes of Shankar's masterful slides on the violin throughout the hall. Highlights included Garcia's percussion solo in the fifth track, in which he built upon various rhythms for several uninterrupted minutes to a fascinating effect...."


Solo albums

• Touch Me There (1979--Zappa Records)
• Who's to Know (1980--ECM)
• Vision (1983--ECM)
• Song For Everyone (1985--ECM)
• Nobody Told Me (1989--ECM)
• Pancha Nadai Pallavi (1989--ECM)
• M.R.C.S. (1989--ECM)
• Soul Searcher (1990--Axiom/Island/PolyGram)
• Raga Aberi (1995--Music of the World)
• Enlightenment (Ganesh music)
• Eternal Light (2000--Moment! Records)
• Open the Door (2007--Big Deal/Rykodisc)
Face To Face (2009 - Big Deal Records )
In A Box ( 2012- Big Deal Records)
The Revelation ( 2013- Sri Music)
Champion ( 2014 - Sri Music)
Transcend ( 2015-Sri Music)

Phil Collins FACE VALUE
Peter Gabriel " Secret world Tour " as Shankar
Shankar & Gingger's One In A Million (2001 · Silverline)

with Shakti
• Shakti (1975--CBS)
• A Handful of Beauty (1976--CBS)
• Natural Elements (1977--CBS)

with The Epidemics
• The Epidemics (1986)
• Do What You Do
• Eye Catcher


Peter Gabriel's Passion:
Music for The Last Temptation of Christ (1989)
Double violin, vocals, composer of
"Open" (uncredited composer of additional music)

Passion -
Sources (1989) and (1993)
Violin, producer

Maurice Jarre's
Jacob's Ladder OST (1990)
Violin, vocals, performer, double violin

Queen of the Damned
OST (2002)
Vocals, double violin

The Passion of the Christ OST (2004)
Composer, vocals, double violin

James Newton Howard's
Hidalgo OST (2004)
Double violin

with others

Archie Shepp's
Attica Blues (1972) – Violin

Clifford Thornton's
Communication Network (1972) – Violin

Amon Dόόl II's
Wolf City (1972) – Tablas

Phil Collins'
Face Value (1981) (as Shankar)

Song: "In The Air Tonight" (1981) – Violin, vocal effects

Song: "I Missed Again" (1981) – Violin

Song: "Droned" (1981) – Violins, Tamboura, "Voice Drums"

Talking Heads's
Speaking in Tongues (1983) – Violin

Echo & the Bunnymen's
Porcupine (1983) – Strings

Lou Reed's
New Sensations (1984) – Violin

Narada Michael Walden's
Nature of Things (1985) – Violin

Artists United Against Apartheid's
Sun City (1985) – Double violin

Yoko Ono's
Starpeace (1985) – Violin

Public Image Ltd.'s
Album/Compact disc/Cassette (1986) – Electric violin

Ginger Baker's
Horses & Trees (1986) – Violin

Peter Gabriel's
So (1986) – Violin

Daryll Dobson's
The Mind Electric (1986) – 10-string double violin

The Pretenders'
Get Close (1986) – Violin

Trilok Gurtu's
Usfret (1987) – Violin

Charly Garcνa's
Cσmo conseguir chicas (1988) – Violin

Gary Wright's
Who I Am (1988) – Violin

Animal Logic's
Animal Logic (1989)– Violin

Seven Souls (1989) – Violin

The Burning World (1989) – Violin

Ryuichi Sakamoto's
Beauty (1990) – Violin

Its Raining Men - Atlantic Records

Jai Uttal's
Footprints (1990) – Vocals

Peter Gabriel's
Us (1992) – Violin

Yoko Ono's
Walking on Thin Ice (1992) – Violin

The Wailing Souls'
All Over the World (1992) – Violin, sarod

Frank Zappa's
You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6 (1992)

Song: "Thirteen" – Electric violin

Song: "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" – Electric violin

Esperanto (1992) – violin

White Sands
OST (1992) – Percussion, violin, vocals

Adam Rudolph's
Moving Pictures (1992) – Violin, vocals

Peter Gabriel's
Blood of Eden (US) (1993) – Violin

Mark O'Connor's
Heroes (1993) – double violin, composer

Fernando Saunder's
Spin (1993) – Double violin

Into the Outlands (1994) – Electric violin

Peter Gabriel's
Blood of Eden (UK) (1994) – Violin

Peter Gabriel's
Secret World Live (1994) – Violin, vocals

Bill Laswell's
Deconstruction: Celluloid Recordings (1994) – Violin

Hallucination Engine (1993) – Violin (Electric)

Midge Ure's
Breathe (1996) – Vocals, double violin

Percy Ensemble Jones'
Propeller Music (1996) – Violin

Tony Levin's
World Diary (1996) – Vocals, double violin

Marianne Faithfull's
Perfect Stranger:
The Island Anthology (1998) – Double violin

Saro Cosentino's
One's & Zero's (1998) – Vocals, double violin

Anthony Hindson and Friends'
It's a Curious Life (1999)
with Jack Bruce, Tony Williams, Zakir Hussain, Gary Husband and Scott Thunes – Violin

Frank Zappa's
Everything Is Healing Nicely (1999) – Violin

Trilok Gurtu's
African Fantasy (1999) – songwriting credit

Warren Cuccurullo's
The Blue (2000) – Violin

Peter Gabriel's
OVO (2000) – Violin, vocals

Robin DiMaggio's
Blue Planet (2001) – Violin, vocals, double violin

Peter Murphy's
Dust (2002) – Tabla, dholak

Peter Gabriel's
Long Walk Home:
Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002) – Double violin

Peter Gabriel's
Up (2002) – Double violin

Mercan Dede's
Seyahatname (2003) – Dholak

Phil May and the Fallen Angels'
Fallen Angels (2003) – Violin

Frank Zappa's
Halloween (2003) – Violin

John McLaughlin's Guitar & Bass (2004) – Violin

John McLaughlin's John McLaughlin's Montreux concerts (2004) – Violin, arranger

Taufiq's Taalisma (2004) – Percussion, drums

Peter Gabriel's Play the Videos (2004) – Violin, double violin

The Pretenders'
Pirate Radio (2006) – Violin

Sarah Green's
Emergency (2006) – Vocals

Chris Murphy's
Luminous (2007) – Vocals

Falling in Between (2006) (as Shenkar) – Vocals, violin

Jonathan Davis and the SFA's
Alone I Play (2007) – Violin

The Human
Abstract's Midheaven (2008) – Vocals

Jonathan Davis and the SFA's Debut studio album (TBA) – Violin

Sponsored by: The Blue Whale
Category Music
When Saturday, November 11, 2017
9:00PM to 11:45PM
Where The Blue Whale
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St #301
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Admission Ages: Over 21
Price: $15.00
Tickets website
Contact (213) 620-0908
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