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FREE Spay/Neuter-NO Proof of Income or Zip Code-By Reservation

Friday, January 12, 2018
8:00AM to 1:00PM

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LA Animal Rescue is holding a FREE SPAY/NEUTER Event.
Yes, it's completely FREE. No ID, no zip code, no red tape.
Jan 12th, Friday
8 am drop off, between 12 to 2pm pick up
Montecito Heights Recreation Center
4545 Homer St., LA.

Space is limited.
To make a reservation follow the instructions below.
By following the instructions below, you will get a reservation faster. So please read carefully.

You do not have a reservation until you have an email from us that says, "YOU HAVE A CONFIRMED RESERVATION."

Spay/Neuter is FREE.
Vaccines also available for $10 each and Microchips for $40 -- Cash Only.

To Make A Reservation:
1) Email INFO@LAAR.ORG. and provide the following information:
Your name
Cell phone #
Animal's name
Dog or cat
Approximate age
Approximate weight

2) Your reservation is confirmed when you receive an email back from us that says, "YOU HAVE A CONFIRMED RESERVATION."

3) IF YOU MUST CANCEL, please call back as it costs us to pay the doctors.
And others on the Wait List can have an opportunity to make an appointment.

Permítanos ayudarlo a ayudar a sus mascotas! Ofrecemos el procedimiento de castracion de perros y gatos. TOTALMENTE GRATIS.
No hacemos preguntas ni pedimos comprobante de ingresos.
Friday, Jan 12th, 2016.
Montecito Heights Recreation Center, 4545 Homer St., LA, El espacio es limitado.
**Se REQUIERE hacer reservación.** Para reservar su cita, favor enviar un correo electrónico a INFO@LAAR.ORG.
** Usted no tiene reservación hasta que le enviemos una confirmación por correo electrónico.
Danny "Machete" Trejo explains why spaying/neutering is important



Benefits of Spaying
1. She will never develop uterine cancer.
2. She will never develop ovarian cancer.
3. She will likely never develop breast cancer, especially if spayed before her first heat cycle.
4. She will never develop "pyometra", a very common, painful, and potentially deadly infection of the uterus.
5. She will not have a vaginal prolapse, which is when part of the vagina slides out of the opening and exits the body.
6. She won't go "into heat" and be sexually receptive.
7. She will be far less likely to roam, and won't run away in search of a mate.
8. Dog licenses are cheaper if she's spayed.

Benefits of Neutering
1. He will never develop testicular cancer.
2. He will likely never develop prostate cancer.
3. He will likely never develop a perianal tumor or hernia.
4. He will be far less likely to bite a child or initiate an unprovoked attack against a person during a period of sexual frustration.
5. He won't be as likely to roam or run away in search of a female in heat.
6. Dog licenses are cheaper if he's neutered.

- Se comportan major, & es mas facil adiestranias
- Hay 3 veces menos posibilidades de que muerdan a un niño
- So sienten necesidad de vagar y así evitas que se pierdan
- Viven más saludablemente

Sponsored by: LA Animal Rescue
Category Community
When Friday, January 12, 2018
8:00AM to 1:00PM
Where Montecito Heights Recreation Center
4545 Homer St
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Admission Price: Free
Contact Visit event website
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