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Hear Me
Seize the moment - by Gigi Pew
November 9, 2015

Cruising With the U.S.S. Mann
On our wish list for duty stations after electrician's school I asked for a troop ship out of California. I got my wish! - by Willie Quiñones
November 9, 2015

Saturday Night Live Must Dump Trump
Trump is no laughing matter - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta
November 6, 2015

Artie's Tangled Web, Part 1
I was working on my '58 Chevy Impala when this voice floated into my ears like an oldies rolla. - by Tommy Villalobos, Contributing Writer
October 26, 2015

Just Wanted to Enjoy a Peaceful Sunday Hike
Love your local parks a little harder - by Kat Avila, Contributing Writer
October 26, 2015

SocialWork@Simmons Presents #MoreThanALabel
Attention Bloggers! Simmons College's online Masters in Social Work Program encouraging immigrant pride, participation - by LatinoLA Contributor
September 10, 2015

Seize the moment - by Gigi Pew

Notes from ChicanAztlan: A Kid and a Kite
Funny what a buck-fifty can buy when spent right - by John Edward Rangel

Trumped-up Donald
En boca cerrada no entra mosca - by Edie J. Adler

To Sir With Love: The Danny Villanueva I Knew
You embodied the American dream….an amazing athlete, an accomplished business man, but you were so much more than that - by Edie J. Adler

Letter to my Father in Heaven
Still counting my blessings - by Edie J. Adler

Third Language: The Little Known Patois of My Youth
Growing up in South El Paso, we learned and used Caló on a daily basis, especially if you wanted to sound like a bad-ass - by Willie Quiñones

Mi Hermanita de Habana
AUDIO: A song composed in honour of all the women who have their freedom cut off by dictatorships - by Dom Johnny

TOP Ten Signs You Overdid It On Cinco de Mayo
You're still celebrating on Seis de Mayo - by Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor

S: Venganza o Verguenza
Solita wants grand things. She wants big angers and fiery revenges. - by Estefania Zavala

TOP 10 Reasons to Give George Lopez Birthday Props
He makes it look so easy .... but you know it takes hard work and ganas - by Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor

Freeway to Nowhere
Logan Heights Noir - Fiction, But Could Be Fact? - by Augie Bareno

Notes from ChicanAztlan: Kites Over Tijuana
If you can't afford to buy your own toys, you make your own toys - by John Edward Rangel

Jordan: A Hoop Story
Ever since my grandson was five years old he has challenged me on the court - by Willie Quiñones, Contributing Writer

More Than Just A Beauty Pageant, It's A Fight For Women
When you see these ladies go out on stage you see courage and self-esteem. It's a celebration of women breaking barriers - by Bella Sol The Salon

Migration as a Universal Human Right
Death, taxes and human migration - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

For the Love of Music ... and Each Other
The Art of Chicano music is a celebration of life & talent that should be shared & supported for posterity - by Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor

Romantic Love: Valentine's Day Wishes 2015
"Intimate moments shared, by two people caught within Cupid's net" - by Frank Solis

Chicano Love and Barrio Streets
The Virgin and the Rose - by Frank Solis

Where I Am From
I'm an Artist...a painter...a poet...a photographer - by Maria Reyna

Fries With That Shake
'Excuse me, sir. You can't get soda if you have a water cup!' - by Carlos Aguilar, Big Brown Dad

Feeling Blessed
Happy Holiday Season - by Maria Reyna

Christmas Wishes of Respect
A Chicano New Year's resolution of love - by Frank Solis

It's OK to Say Merry Christmas...Really!
An open letter to my atheist, agnostic, fanatics of every persuasion friends. - by Edie J. Adler

What is Chicano Poetry?
Chicano poetry is the spirit of Chicanos - by Frank Solis

Advice for College Students to Succeed
¡Si Se Puede! - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

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