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Got Nutrition?
Doctor offers 5 easy tips to stay on top of good health - by LatinoLA Contributor
March 23, 2015

Not Insured Yet? You Still Have A Chance to Enroll
A new criteria allows consumers facing tax penalties to enroll in Covered California by April 30 - by LatinoLA Contributor
February 20, 2015

Latino Children Dental Health: Chronic Disease Plaguing Millions
February is National Children's Dental Health Month, a time to raise awareness and combat the health crisis - by Ellen M. Hoffman, Oral Health + Wellness Expert-Jefferson Dental
February 18, 2015

Ten Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Heart
How to keep a romantic heart healthy during heart health month - by LatinoLA Contributor
February 16, 2015

A Call for All Latinos to Get Insured
Enroll into Covered California at the Health and Cultural Fair, Pico House in historic El Pueblo/Olvera Street, February 7, 2015 - by LatinoLA Contributor
January 28, 2015

ConsejoSano Launches First Health Mobile Application Solution
ConsejoSano health and wellness mobile application connects Latinos and the undocumented with licensed doctors - by LatinoLA Contributor
December 18, 2014

How the Affordable Care Act May Affect Your Tax Refund
Do you know if and how health care reform it will affect your tax refund? - by LatinoLA Contributor

Five Things Your Family Should Know About Open Enrollment
Talk to your family about getting health insurance for 2015 - by Juan Zubiate, Hispanic Marketing Director, Anthem Blue Cross

Cultural Components of Latinos with Eating Disorders
The role culture plays in mental health issues - by Adriana Diaz, MSW

What You Need to Know About Diabetes
And what the Affordable Care Act can do to help - by Juan Zubiate, Hispanic Marketing Director, Anthem Blue Cross

Dual Diagnosis Experiences in Latino/as
Eating disorders and co-occuring substance abuse - by Shilloy Sanchez, MFTI

Although anorexia and bulimia are present, binge eating disorder is most prominent in the Latino/a community - by Dr Patricia Pitts, PhD, The Bella Vita

Uniting Latinas in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
Abigail Barraza Foundation thrives on educating women, teens, and young girls on the importance of early detection, breast cance - by Monique Barraza

Breast Cancer Awareness and Hispanic Heritage Month
Improving Latina health - by Juan Zubiate, Hispanic Marketing Director, Anthem Blue Cross

What Does the Affordable Care Act Mean for Back-to-School?
All insurance plans are required to cover recommended vaccinations at no additional cost - by Juan Zubiate, Hispanic Marketing Director, Anthem Blue Cross

Keep Your Eyes Healthy During the Summer Blockbuster Season
Did you know 3-D movies can serve as a valuable indicator of underlying vision issues among young people and adults? - by Tom Diaz, M.D., market medical director, UnitedHealthcare

Scared Straight Into Eating Smart
When a DNA test reveals evidence of the gene that leads to Alzheimer's, cooking for the brain seems the intelligent choice - by Nonny de la Peña, Contributing Writer

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Receives Recognition
Medical facility earns distinction as a Baby-Friendly Designated birth facility - by LatinoLA Contributor

Diabetes, Heart Disease & Obesity: Two Men Fighting Back
Luis Torres and Rick Ramirez bring a healthy change to the community, one bottle of Agua Con at a time - by LatinoLA Contributor

Beauty Inside and Out Starts with Honey
The juicing craze gets a sweet (and flavorful!) makeover - by LatinoLA Contributor

Vengan, Todos, A La Fiesta De Yoga Divina En Altadena A Ganar!
EVEN YOU can do yoga! Come to the Yoga Divina grand opening/open house on March 1, 12p-4p - by Rachel Divine

UCLA Student-Run Non-Profit Knows No Borders
F.I.S.H. expands free health services for underserved Mexican community - by Daniel Villagran-Gonzalez

Salud California: At Your Service
We are the leading agency when it comes to helping Latinos enroll into affordable health insurance through Covered California - by Jose Martinez

Get Tested for HIV This New Year
Finding out early can help you live a longer, healthier life. It's easy. It's free, fast, and confidential. - by LatinoLA Contributor

Herbalife's Top Ten Tips for Healthy Holidays
How to stay healthy during the holiday season! - by LatinoLA Contributor

Oral Cancer Can Be Caught Before It Kills
Many don't know they're at risk, but having regular dental checkups is an important defense against oral cancer. - by Beth Newcomb

Essential for Healthcare Costs
Employers have important choices to make about the way they plan to comply with the Affordable Care Act - by Evelyn Martinez Vice President District Manager LA Wells Fargo

Protect Your Child's Smile from the Start
Good dental habits for parents and babies prevent problems when kids are older, says USC pediatric dentist Dr. Gardner Beale. - by Beth Newcomb

Chef Leticia Cooking up Diabetes-Friendly Dishes in LA
Drives Type 2 Diabetes Awareness at American Diabetes Association's Feria de Salud on November 10 - by LatinoLA Contributor

Speaking the Language of Health
There are many things health care companies can do to help mitigate disparities and close the great communication divide - by Russell Bennett, VP, Latino Health Solutions, UnitedHealth

Diabetes Doesn't Have to Hurt Smiles
During November's American Diabetes Month, USC dentist Dr. Piedad Suarez says patients can prevent dental risks - by Beth Newcomb

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