From Shame to Pride of My Mexican Immigrant Parents
Confessions of a Chicano Scholar - by Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D.
May 11, 2016

Drinking a Cerveza, Contemplating Cinco de Mayo
I accept Cinco's commercialization as a day/weekend of celebration. More historical and cultural memory, por favor - by Abelardo de la Peña Jr.
May 5, 2016

From Illegal Aliens to Human Beings
The movement away from "illegal aliens" is welcome because it reaches into the fundamental truth about immigrants - by Domenico Maceri, PhD
May 2, 2016

Chase Trump Back to New York
California is a community of diversity - by Kat Avila
May 2, 2016

Open Letter to Clinton on Trouncing Trump in General Election
Trump must be stopped - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta
April 11, 2016

Angry Latino Voters Will Deny Trump the Presidency?
Trump's border wall plan is not just seriously deficient from the point of view of humanity; it's politically suicidal - by Domenico Maceri, PhD
March 28, 2016

Donald's Mad Presidential Run
Why does Trump hate humanity so much? - by Kat Avila

A Philosophical Note in D Major
Politics, elections and pueblo - by Jimmy Centeno

Do Undocumented Workers Pay Taxes? You Bet They Do
The effective tax rate for unauthorized workers is 8 percent, higher than that of the top 1 percent of taxpayers - by Domenico Maceri, PhD

Republican Policies/Christian Values: Inherent Contradictions?
Doesn't the GOP's lack of love or respect for our neighbors represent a violation of Christian values? - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

Latino Republicans as Anti-Latino Candidates
The shameful case of Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

Will Our Future Toys Still Play With Us?
Technology will eliminate millions of jobs. How does one prepare for the inevitable? - by Armando F Sanchez

Chase After Your Dreams Now
You did make resolutions, right? - by Kat Avila, Contributing Writer

Diversity Is Not a Dirty Word
Acknowledging different traditions and beliefs - by Kat Avila, Contributing Writer

Debt and the Punishing of Mexico's Working Classes
In a few short years, Mexico's business elite have come to exercise a profound influence throughout the country - by Enrique C. Ochoa

World AIDS Day 2015
30+ years into the epidemic and Latinos are still among the hardest hit - by Camilo Arenivar

U.S. Courts Maintain Undocumented Immigrants in the Shadows
Latino voters will make Republicans pay in 2016 elections - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season
Let's stay safe together - by Kat Avila, Contributing Writer

State of the 2016 Presidential Election
Opinion and analysis of the 2016 presidential election race - by Camilo Arenivar

In Solidarity with Students at the University of Missouri
Members of the Urban Research-Based Action Network (URBAN) stand in solidarity - by LatinoLA Contributor

When Services in Spanish Help Immigrants Learn English
Offering services in languages other than English helps immigrants learn the common language, integrate into the American fabric - by Domenico Maceri

How 2 B a Good Neighbor in Changing LA: Communities & Change
What is happenin' in my 'hood, Highland Park (NELA)? Gentrification? New neighbors? Join us on November 14 - by Braja RuthAnne Tarletz

What is a Chicano Educator?
A scholar warrior, a hope dealer, a decolonizer, a teacher and organizer, liberating minds and transforming the community - by Jose Lara

Filling in the Educational Gaps
Latina/o community group holding school board candidates accountable - by Gilda L. Ochoa

GOP Prez Candidate Joke-a-thon
Their out-of-body experiences keep adding up - by Kat Avila

Confessions of an #AnchorBaby
An open letter to President Donald Trump - by Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D.

Watching the GOP Carnival Pass By
We have to move forward no matter what - by Kat Avila

Yes, I'm a Futurist
An invitation for you to become one - by Armando F Sanchez

The Fall of St. Ignatius School
How a group of selfish individuals are slowly killing a beloved school. - by William Gallegos

#Injustice Straight Outta #Compton
Family of Latino man accused of attempted murder Releases 2 Videos That Exonerate Him - by Mairet Sandoval

@realDonaldTrump Exemplifies True Colors of GOP
Xenophobic, mean-spirited and pro one-percent - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

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