The Apocalyptic World of Donald Trump
Dark days for Latinos - by Enrique M. Buelna
October 20, 2016

The I Day Learned I Was Mexican and Poor
Reflections from a scholar - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta
October 18, 2016

The Wisdom of My Friend, Malo
Donald Trump's wall is symbolic of under current attempts to slow the barrio-fication of American communities - by Paul A. Garcia, Ed. D.
September 26, 2016

Trump: The Great Baboso
For those not familiar with the Spanish word "baboso," it refers to someone that is irresponsible or not intelligent - by Joaquin Murrieta
September 18, 2016

Trump and the Mean Streets of East Los Angeles
The possible future president of the United States is a wannabe tough guy, bully and hustler - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta
September 15, 2016

We Are The Taco Truck Party!
Here's our plan to make America asada again. Join us! - by Gustavo Arellano
September 6, 2016

Open Letter to My Fellow Latinos
Why I'm voting for Donald Trump - by Edie J. Adler, Contributing Writer

With A Snap Of The Fingers Latino Lives No Longer Matter
The vicious verbal assault on the Flores family in Grand Junction, Colorado, on August 1st, is but a symptom of a larger problem - by Enrique Buelna PhD

Kaine's Español: Not Just Empty Palabras
The Democratic vice presidential candidate learned Spanish in Honduras as a Catholic missionary - by Domenico Maceri, PhD

A Trojan Horse Called Trump
This is not Reagan's Republican Party - by Kat Avila

Why the City of Los Angeles Should Legalize Street Vending
Street entrepreneurs should not be criminalized - by Vanessa Alcantar and Robert D. Flores Jr.

Bobblehead Trump Continues Swinging Wildly
Faith and hope will always win - by Kat Avila

Mad Latinos Presidentential Poll-VOTE NOW
Take poll on preferences of Latinos on November 8th presidential election. Voting takes three seconds (or more) - by Mad Latinos Team

Bernie Sanders Revolution
Strong and United con el Bernie el Sanders - by Maria Reyna

Orlando: An Open Letter
We must stand together, care for one another but be undeterred in our fight against hate, violence - by Mario Ceballos, President, HONOR PAC

¡VOTE, Mi Gente!
For all and those whom we love: VOTE! For our past and our future: VOTE! - by Guadalupe Gonzalez (c)

Through Social Media We See, Through Social Media We Speak
In this new age with new thinkers comes a New America - by Andrew Ramirez

From Shame to Pride of My Mexican Immigrant Parents
Confessions of a Chicano Scholar - by Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D.

Drinking a Cerveza, Contemplating Cinco de Mayo
I accept Cinco's commercialization as a day/weekend of celebration. More historical and cultural memory, por favor - by Abelardo de la Peña Jr.

From Illegal Aliens to Human Beings
The movement away from "illegal aliens" is welcome because it reaches into the fundamental truth about immigrants - by Domenico Maceri, PhD

Chase Trump Back to New York
California is a community of diversity - by Kat Avila

Open Letter to Clinton on Trouncing Trump in General Election
Trump must be stopped - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

Angry Latino Voters Will Deny Trump the Presidency?
Trump's border wall plan is not just seriously deficient from the point of view of humanity; it's politically suicidal - by Domenico Maceri, PhD

Donald's Mad Presidential Run
Why does Trump hate humanity so much? - by Kat Avila

A Philosophical Note in D Major
Politics, elections and pueblo - by Jimmy Centeno

Do Undocumented Workers Pay Taxes? You Bet They Do
The effective tax rate for unauthorized workers is 8 percent, higher than that of the top 1 percent of taxpayers - by Domenico Maceri, PhD

Republican Policies/Christian Values: Inherent Contradictions?
Doesn't the GOP's lack of love or respect for our neighbors represent a violation of Christian values? - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

Latino Republicans as Anti-Latino Candidates
The shameful case of Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - by Dr. Alvaro Huerta

Will Our Future Toys Still Play With Us?
Technology will eliminate millions of jobs. How does one prepare for the inevitable? - by Armando F Sanchez

Chase After Your Dreams Now
You did make resolutions, right? - by Kat Avila, Contributing Writer

Diversity Is Not a Dirty Word
Acknowledging different traditions and beliefs - by Kat Avila, Contributing Writer

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