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Why Are Latinos Less Likely to Succeed in School?
Language, immigration, discrimination are just some of the barriers Latino youth face - by Diandra Suarez
April 19, 2014

Hablas Español and English? Are You Mexican American?
If you self-identify as a Mexican American and fluent in both English and Spanish you may qualify to participate in our survey - by Dr. Nairán Ramírez Esparza, M.A. Gloriana Rodríguez Arauz
April 9, 2014

Semillas Community Schools Responds to CA Dpt of Ed
Open Letter: Direct intervention of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Governor of the State of California needed - by LatinoLA Contributor
April 8, 2014

Great Potential: Latinos in a Changing America
Latinos must take control of their own destiny by working within and outside of their social networks - by Steve Moya
April 7, 2014

Say It Ain't So, Monte!
We pinned our hopes on you, a known and respected quantity in our community. - by Rodolfo F. Acuña
April 7, 2014

Cesar Chavez, The Movie: What's Its Central Importance?
A commercial representation of a complex narrative or a narrative of struggle and perseverance through the life of one person? - by Frank P. Barajas
April 2, 2014

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TOP Ten Signs Spring Break in Mexico Was a Mistake
Next time he'll go to Canada - by Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor

Obama Acknowledges Medal of Honor Heroes
Of 24 new Congressional Medal of Honor Awards, more than half of them are Latinos - by Eddie Morin

The Latin Spectrum
The Chicano Chronicles, part 2 of 9 - by Emiliano Villa

The Chicano Chronicles
Chicanos, how did we become America's new slave culture? - by Emiliano Villa

Hebalife, Supporting Latino Economic Development
How the California-based company is improving communities in L.A. and across the U.S. - by Ibi Fleming

PBS Video: Social Scientist Dr. Alvaro Huerta
Immigration interview on the award-winning, "Tavis Smiley" show - by Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D.

Why I Stand Behind the "Deport Bieber" Petition
I am a deportable brown Latina living in Nashville, Tennessee - by Priscila Dorcas Mojica

UPDATE: The Myth of the Farmer
A Super Bowl ad from last year's game raised my ire - by Frank P. Barajas

Immigrant Advocates Getting Cities to Back Them
Immigration advocates are increasing pressure in hopes that the president announces a moratorium on forced removals - by Roxana Kopetman, Orange County Register

Jimmy's Politico: Exclusive Interview With Ann Coulter!
"Conservatives should reach out to the Latino community, but they are currently doing it the wrong way." - by Jaime Rojas, Jr.

Authentic Parent Engagement and LCFF
Reasons why we as education advocates and community leaders are behind Governor Jerry Brown's Local Control Funding Formula - by Oscar E. Cruz and Yolie Flores

No White Christmas for Brown Immigrants
Humane immigration reform now! - by Alvaro Huerta, Ph.D.

Northeast LA's Most Wanted
How a city councilman has become "a disgrace to his race" - by William Gallegos

The Legacy of Kennedy and Latinos: Myth versus Reality
What Kennedy inadvertently contributed for civil rights was his verbalizing of the principles of equality, progress and change - by Jimmy Franco Sr., Latino POV

Obama Lied, People are Denied.
Why we can't afford the Affordable Care Act. - by Edie J. Adler

El Día de Los Muertos And Halloween: ¿Quo Vadis?
Will El Día de los Muertos become another Halloween or another Cinco de Mayo where people celebrate without really remembering? - by Rodolfo F. Acuña, Contributing Writer

Outlawing Dolores Huerta: The Tucson Diaries
An extended interview from documentary Outlawing Shakespeare: The Battle for the Tucson Mind - by Dr. Gabriel Buelna and Fernando Orozco

The Past is Present
Community Protest and the Police -- in observance of the one year anniversary of the police killing of Alfonso Limon Jr. - by Frank P. Barajas

Open Letter to MOLAA
MOLAA's official policy stands in the way of this institution being true to the times and to its own reality - by Armando Durón

Is It Easier for Youth to Become Millionaires?
Teaching Latino youth to become socially conscious millionaires, Part 4, - by Armando F Sanchez

TOP 10 Signs Your Prima Will Get Cut From The Voice
Not even Adam Levine wanted her on his team - by Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor

How Immigrants are Saving Our Economy
Why we need immigrants - by Dowell Myers, USC Demographer

The Seeds of Discontent
Academia Semillas accomplishes education for our youth and that is why bureaucrats want to shut Semillas down - by Professor Juan Gomez-Quiñones, History Department, UCLA

Understand and Avoid the "Hardy Har Hars"
Teaching Latino youth to become socially conscious millionaires, part 3 - by Armando F Sanchez, Contributing Writer

The Wisdom of a 6-year Old
Teaching youth to become millionaires, Part 2 - by Armando F Sanchez

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