Murals Belong to the People, Not City Hall

Council File 08-0515 regulates art content in murals; your voice need to be heard, October 19

By Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles
Published on LatinoLA: October 18, 2011

Murals Belong to the People, Not City Hall

This is a response to last week's decision by Arts, Parks, and Neighborhoods and Planning and Land Use Management Committee (PLUM), over murals located on private property. According to MCLA Executive Director, Isabel Rojas-Williams, "MCLA and the art community is celebrating tonight!!! Thank you Tanner (from the L.A. City Department of Planning) in working with all of us, in the "Mural Working Group" (MWG) for this breaking news about our historic murals."

What VICTORY!? This law regulates art content in murals, continuing the criminalization and censorship of Los Angeles muralists.


According to MCLA, they have been working closely with Tanner Blackmen, from the Los Angeles City Planning-Code Studies, part of L.A.'s Department of City Planning, who created the Mural Working Group (MWG), which met on July 21, 2011. MCLA credits its successful triumph this past week, due to its working relationship with Tanner Blackmen and the Mural Working Group (MWG), a group of individuals that were hand selected to participate, co-opting community walls for their own self-interest, lobbying in favor of City of L.A. regulations on murals.

However, Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles need to remind, MCLA, Isabel Rojas-Williams, and the Department of Planning, they deleted all the people that have worked tirelessly since 2007, speaking at all PLUM council meetings, autonomously submitting documentations against today's mural regulations. In this note, Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles, acknowledges all the community members that step forward, autonomously to end mural censorship and the ongoing whitewashing of community murals.

The people who spoke at all City Hall meetings since 2007 are the following: Alvin Buckley, Lennox Fleary, Barbara Bleke, Isa-Kae Meksin, Yreina D. Cervantez, Eloy Torrez, Carlos Callego, Ida Talalla, Peter Debard, Nyla Arskanian, Ed Fuentes, Stash Maleski, Ryan Bell, David Botello, Mae Chinn, Adolfo V. Nodal, Art Mortimier, Yolanda C. Hernandez, Nyla Arslanian, Danielle Brazell, Anita Castellanos, Dennis Hathaway, Judy Baca, Jack McGrath, Lisa Sarkin, Ernesto Cinzano, Isa-Kae Meksin, Nathan French, Mireya Pena, Ryan Bell, Richard Binkely, and Wayne Healy. The people who submitted reports against the City of L.A. bureaucratic censorship against muralists are the following: Daniel Osberto Gonzalez, Renee Weitzer, Clementice Gamsom Levy, Armine Kalajian, Adolfo V. Nodal, Diana Ybarra, and Lisbeth Espinosa.

But now, a non-profit organization, MCLA working with Department of Planning, has lobbied in favor of Council File: 08-0515, which upholds devastating challenges for L.A. murals, a process that advertisement billboards don't have to follow, because billboards in L.A., have Freedom of Speech! and Freedom of Expression!

Something that murals don't have in the City of L.A.

Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles stand behind the people that have confronted Council File 08-0515, since 2007. Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles agree with the people. Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles does not agree with MCLA Victory Speech! This is not a triumph for L.A. murals.

Last week, Cultural Affairs report submitted to PLUM's council meeting, identifies City of L.A., as PATRON of all murals in Los Angeles. How can MCLA, a non-profit organization declare this a VICTORY! Council File 08-0515, permits Murals to be legally monitored by City Hall, allowing regulations on mural art content throughout the entire mural process, in addition imposing expensive permits on muralists, and building owners.

Open your eyes; Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles will not be taken as fools. Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles will not be silence. Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles will point the finger and call it out! Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles will gather the political and bureaucratic schemes behind all these so call, "Progressive Victorious Initiatives," and ask outloud, Who is this initiative for? The people of L.A.? or City Hall?

This Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 2011, THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES will legalize Council File 08-0515, Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles, urges the community to stand in front of City Council and tell them, WE THE PEOPLE OF LOS ANGELES FIND COUNCIL FILE 08-0515, A CRIMINAL OFFENSE AGAINST MURALISTS & COMMUNITY MEMBERS. MURALS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE NOT TO CITY HALL!


-Community Members of the "Other" Los Angeles

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