Mexican Rock Legends: Botellitas de Jerez

Masters of the 'Guacarock' set to perform at The Conga Room to celebrate 'Dia de Los Muertos', November 2

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: November 1, 2011

Mexican Rock Legends: Botellitas de Jerez

Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a popular holiday celebrated in Mexico and Latin America and now The Conga Room will be its hub with the help of Holy 'naconess', masters of the 'Guacarock': Mexican rock legends Botellita de Jerez on November 2, 2011.

Tickets can be purchased on CongaRoom.com. The Conga Room is located at L.A. Live, 800 West Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, 90015.

Botellita de Jerez's guitarist Sergio Arau is a multi-talented artist - a cartoonist, painter, musician, and filmmaker, who directed the movie "A Day Without A Mexican" and his most recent film "Naco Es Chido." He also won an MTV award for Best Rock Video for directing Cafe Tacuba's "Alarma de Tos" video, a song composed by him. He is the son of Mexican filmmaker and actor Alfonso Arau, of Three Amigos and Like Water for Chocolate fame.

Arau was instrumental in defining The Conga Room's status as the premier Latin culture venue in Los Angeles by collaborating artistically in the rebirth of the club. Sergio's art on the walls of the locale infuse the place with ethnic creativity, making it a veritable Latin culture museum where art and music meet in a showcase of Latin symbology. The pied piper of Mexican art-meets-rock, Arau will be working on some art pieces specifically for the Dia de los Muertos Conga Room event, further transforming the venue into the utmost expression of Latin culture and entertainment today.

Botellita de Jerez was founded by Francisco "Mastuerzo" Barrios (drums), Sergio "Uyuyuy" Arau (guitar), and Armando "Cucurrucucu" Vega-Gil (bass) in the eighties, with an irreverent attitude and unique barrio-meets-rock music. One of the first Rock en Espa??ol bands to be signed to a major record label, Botellita de Jerez defies all musical genres is festive and irrevent musical fusion, celebrating the culture of the 'nacos' and integrating sketches and 'albures' in its lyrics and concerts. A style, a simple and direct form of rock, that was combined with lyrics with a good dose of satire that portrayed the routine character of the urban life in Mexico City and elements of their popular culture.

The name Botellita de Jerez derives from a Mexican saying to defend oneself from a mean statement from someone. You say 'Botellita de Jerez todo lo que me digas, sera alreves" loosely translated English idiom 'I'm rubber, your 'glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you". Meaning you revert the insult to other.

Their popular call out to musical arms .. "Todo Lo Naco Es Chido" translates to all naco is cool, re-vindication of the popular culture of the lower socio-economic classes. Botellita de Jerez pioneered trends of the contemporary art of Mexico and United States by incorporating motifs from the popular use as the lucha libre, popular dances and slang.

Also joining in the fun are DOPAMINA, the popular side project of renowned recording artists Cesar Pliego (Kinky), Bugs (Jumbo), Cesar Lopez 'Vampiro' (Jaguares) and Victor Monroy ( Pastilla) & Los Angeles based rockers SANTOROS.

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