Who is Don Omar?

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Published on LatinoLA: November 17, 2011

Who is Don Omar?

Thanks to Time Warner Cable, LatinoLA.com offered two pairs of tickets to see Don Omar in concert at Nokia Live L.A. Live on November 23. We asked our newsletter subscribers (you can join at: http://latinola.com/join.php) to reply to the question: "Who is Don Omar?"

The winner: The first person who answered with the best question would win a pair of tix. And if we received another best answer, we'd give away another pair of tix. Make sense? Not to us. But here are the answers -- in order received -- and once El Editor figures it out, he'll notify the two winners.


Yadhira writes: "El rapero regetonero"

Sonia writes: "He is a singer! Puerto Rican Reggaet??n singer and actor"

Olga writes: "Don Omar, also known as El Rey (born William Omar Landr??n Rivera; February 10, 1978,[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don_Omar#cite_note-0 is a Puerto Rican Reggaet??n http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reggaet%C3%B3n singer and actor."

Azucena writes: "Puerto Rican, I believe, known for his Reggaeton"

Margarita writes: "Don Omar, born William Omar Landron Rivera, born on Feb, 10, 1978 in Puerto Rico. Don Omar is known as EL REY, he's a Raggaeton Singer. I went to the Dominican Republic last year and that's all I heard, DON OMAR everywhere... I totally fell in love with his music!"

socapsi writes: "Don Omar is El Rey de Reggaeton!"

Sylvia writes: "Don Omar is also known as El Rey and sings Reggaeton music."

Ana Maria writes: "He is a music performer from Puerto Rico; and well known for Reggaeton, but does Rap and R & B"

Madeline writes: "Dale, dale Don dale! Don Omar es simplemente el rey del reggaet??n. Possedor de una inconfundible y potente voz. Don Omar is the king of reggaet??n."

Yazmin writes: "A great Puerto Rican rap artist.."

Anabella writes: "Don Omar is a famous reggaton musician from Puerto Rico. He is aka Former Mr. Jackie Garrido!"

Josie writes: "Don Omar is not only known as 'El Rey' but he is one of the best most OG Reggaetoneros ever!!!!! His career began 11 years ago and has grown as he has into a respected and highly admired artist in not only music but acting as well. You MUST pick me (please)because I am a HUGE Don Omar fan and would be highly appreciative of being able to see his live performance and dance the night away! Que VIVA El Rey del Reggaeton!:)"

John writes: "Don Omar is possibly the best reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico next to Daddy Yankee. He has collaborated w. many other artist incl. Pitbull, Fat Joe. Born William Omar Landron Rivera on Feb. 10, 1978. He is presently involved In a messy divorce from a journalist on univion and thus can not appear on any Univision shows."

S. writes: "Don Omar is one of reggaeton's first international superstar, who was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Who was born on February 10, 1978.Don Omar grew up in Villa Palmera, Puerto Rico,he was once a Christian Rapper and a preacher. But stopped being a preacher, because he became disillusioned about the song "Aunque te Fuiste". In the early 2000's he worked with Luny Tunes. He began a burgeoning reggaeton movement sweeping through Puerto Rico.He got a big break working with H?®ctor el Bambino (aka H?®ctor el Father) of the popular duo H?®ctor & Tito. Initially Omar produced and wrote songs for the duo, but it wasn't long before he was given the opportunity to collaborate with them vocally, as featured on the song "A la Reconquista." His solo career took off around this same time, with one of his first hits being "Desde Que Llego" in 2002. He made his album debut the following year on the VI Music label. In 2005 "Reggaeton Latino," became one of the style's first genuine crossover hits. Thank you, I hope to hear from you, I hope that I am the WINNER!!!!!"

Martha writes: "DON OMAR = REY de los REYES (King of Kings)"

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