News From the Brown Side of Town

Music news and [i[chismes[/i] for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 20, 2012

News From the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, Mi Gente!

This month I'm happy, sad, and pissed all at the same time!

For all the hard times our people and economy are barely surviving, and the enormous and unfair expense of higher education imposed upon our young people, who will inherit our Country and become tomorrow's leaders? The good old white boy club of undeservedly rich old farts known as the UC Board of Regents recently hired one of their connected cronies as President of UC San Diego for a whopping $400,000.00 and change salary, $100,000.00 more than his predecessor (plus health & housing benefits, and a chauffer driven limousine).

THAT pisses me off!

With all the protests and "Occupy" movements about rising college costs, young people working the night shifts at Taco Bell & Jack in the Box all red-eyed and cranky from lack of sleep as they study and absorb huge student loans they will take years to pay off (unless they daddy's a Congressman), the Governor of California threatening to squeeze the last nickle out of all of us (except the rich & well connected), what were these old putos thinking?

Who ARE these Regents, and how do I get a job as one? Better yet, how can we get rid of them?

What does a University President do besides go to meetings at their plush and overstaffed offices once or twice a week, and spend the rest of their time at the golf course? Why are all these high paid University and College administrators allowed to get away with this? Who hires these guys?

...it's time for a change!

If you haven't heard the news, the Mayor, City Council, and Police Department brass of San Fernando are still having their parties and affairs on the people's money, while the local residents SCREAM for their removal...judging by their arrival and departures in chauffeur-driven limousines and their refusals to even address the angry good citizens of San Fernando at last night's City Council meeting...the screams are falling on deaf and arrogant ears.

..it's time for a change!

The music world suffers deep losses as we say goodbye to ETTA JAMES and JOHNNY OTIS, who passed away this week. That makes me sad.

One of L.A.'s favorite daughters, Etta James will always be remembered for her immortal tunes "At Last", "Stop the Wedding", 'Tell Mama", "All I Could Do Was Cry", and others. I was once fortunate to meet her and share a drink with her & Albert King in Albert's traveling bus in 1983 when she performed at the Long Beach Blues Festival, where I was working as a stage security guard. She was funny, witty, and VERY talented.

Her original 1961 "At Last" LP is being featured in it's entirety, on the Vinyl Classics Show page of www.eastLArevue.com right now.

Johnny Otis, also known as "the Godfather of L.A. Rythm & Blues" is the man who discovered Etta James, and recorded her first song. He is also credited with composing Bo Diddley's classic "Hand Jive" tune.

Both had an immense impact on the development of American rock & roll, rhythm & blues, and soul music...and artists coming from that genre owe them a debt of gratitude for opening doors and crossing color lines, helping set the foundation for much of today's American music heard around the World.

With that said, vamonos a la Tierra de mil bailes:

One of East L.A.'s original 'Bad Boyz of Oldies", and the undisputed "King of L.A.'s Underground Latino R&B", ROCKY PADILLA, comes to the historic American Legion Hall in San Fernando for one night only on Valentine's Day weekend, Saturday , February 11th. Hosted & DJ'd by Internet radio's FRANKIE FIRME, tickets are selling faster than tacos on payday night, so we highly encourage you to call Richie at (818) 581-5572 or Bennie a (818) 599-2719 and ask for your LatinoLA reserved table discount. You can also purchase tickets at the San Fernando American Legion Post 176 (NOT connected in ANY way to the San Fernando City government ) at (818) 361-4621 after 12 noon.

Hey, if you haven't thought about it yet...it's TAX TIME 2012! With all the babosados being pulled by politicos and the well connected (many who don't pay their fair share of taxes), I NEED to get every deduction I can before the Government gets all my money and spends it all like rich drunks in a whorehouse. Ever since the IRS audited me and garnished me for everything except the spare socks & chonies I keep in my glove compartment (hey...ya never know, right?) some years ago, I stopped doing my own taxes and have them professionally done by MUNOZ TAX SERVICE of Pacoima.

They've hooked me & my family up so fine for the past couple of years, are a proud sponsor of this week's 2nd Time Around Show on www.eastLArevue.com, and offer a special discount and special gift to all listeners of East L.A. Revue Radio and readers of LatinoLA.com. Give them a call at (818) 899-1058 and get the hook up!...and they charge less than the Government charges you for a parking ticket!

My East L.A. homie, nationally recognized comedian Rudy Moreno, comes back home to the Pasadena Ice House for some gut busting comedy shows and fine dinners every Friday and Saturday. Don't keep them tax time-another pinche political election coming-in laws want to borrow some money blues! Come out and catch Rudy Moreno & friends..he'll take care of you! For info and reservations, call (626) 577-1894 and tell 'em you heard it from LatinoLA.com !

And who can't use a few bucks? Chase Bank of Simi Valley is offering a special discount program,exclusive special services, and a $125.00 deposit into new accounts opened by honorably discharged U.S. Military Veterans. Give them a call at (805) 578-1095. Hurry, offer ends 1/30/2012. With a lot of other banks charging you an arm and half nalga to use your own money, wouldn't it be nice to NOT be charged for a change?

By popular demand, the Tony and Obie Award-nominated play 'Short Eyes" returns to L.A. for a limited 6 week run at the Los Angeles Theater Center on Spring Street in Los Angeles. Also coming , "A Better Life", a heart touching film about a Latino father's struggle to provide a better life for his teenaged son in the tough world of today. Put the remote down and step out to the theater for a change! For more info, log onto www.latc.org.

If you're a Blues music fan who digs live Blues music from cats like THE REBELLIOUS BLUES DOGS, the STAN ZABEK Band, the BLUES PRINTZ, JR and THE FLAMES of RHYTHM, NATHAN JAMES and the RHYTHM SCRATCHERS, LIL A and the ALL NITERS, The BLUES HOUNDS, and many more with DJ RITCHIE BLUES spinning the cuts between the breaks on all dates, check out HAPPY'S JUKE JOINT in Chino. For info, dates, and tickets, call (909) 627-8080.

If that ain't enough, the BLUES SLINGER'S BALL is coming February 11th & 12th to the Marquee 15 Club in Corona, featuring DARRYL MANSFIELD, THE BROTHERS n BLUES,The DELGADO BROTHERS,The REBELLIOUS BLUES BROTHERS, the44's w/special guest KID RAMOS, and many more. For more info, look up Blues Slinger's Ball on Facebook.

Word on the street in the San Fernando Valley is that a hot and upcoming Chicano rock/R& B/ Latin Soul group called PARKER ROAD is making the rounds and turning heads (and ears)...stay tuned for more news coming up

The 3 day COLD DUCK ENSENADA CRUISE is happening October 12th~15th. For tickets & info, call Cathy Cuadra at (562) 577-1776 or e-mail COLDUCKTRAVEL@yahoo.com.

SATISFACTION hits the stage tonight at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs starting at 9m. NO cover. They bad!!! For more info: www.satisfactionband.com.

SOTO hits the stage tonight at ZENDEJAS in San Dimas and then ORIGINAL MIKE's in Santa Ana tomorrow. For tickets and to get on their guest list: (562)929-7566 or log onto www.sotoband.com.

Orale, that's it for now, Mi Gente.

Log onto www.eastLArevue.com for the finest Chicano musical buffet anywhere in the World~ FREE! ~ all you can hear, 24 hours a day, rain or shine.

Keep a prayer in your heart for our troops overseas, and a song in your heart for our people all over the World...and get your taxes done before the Government spends all the money & gives all the rich people quebradas!

Ay te watcho...from the Land of 1000 Dances !

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily, 24 hrs a day on www.eastLArevue.com , and is a regular contributor to this webmagazine.
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