Alejandro Amezcua: "No Pierdas La F?®"

The singer unveils a new album with sounds that convey positive messages learned from his parents, experiences

By Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr.
Published on LatinoLA: April 18, 2012

Alejandro Amezcua: <i>"No Pierdas La F?®</i>"

Alejandro Amezcua has mariachi in the blood. He grandfather, Rafael Amezcua, played with world-famous Mariachi Vargas. Father Oscar founded and still leads Mariachi Guadalajara, a trailblazing group based in San Diego.

Alejandro, along with two brothers Carlos, co-anchor of the "FOX11 10 O'clock News" and "FOX News at 11" on Channel 13, and Oscar, performed with Mariachi Guadalajara, singing and playing the viruela and guitarron.

But like his father, who played with a group called Violenes Majicos with gigs in Las Vegas in the late 50s and 60s, Alejandro also performs in different genres.

He's releasing his first album, a solo effort combining the boleros that he loves along with a blend of all the music he grew up with in his musical family, including big band, jazzy pop and rock.

The three brothers come together in the first single by the same name as the album, "No Pierdas La F?®" (Don't Lose Faith). Written by Alejandro, the song is the first single of his first album. Listen to and download on itunes "No Pierdas La F?®": here.

But for a while, Alejandro wasn't thinking about music.

"I was having rough time," remembers Amezcua. "And when I do, I turn to music when I need to feel myself again. Going back to roots, back to center."

During a phone call to his father, he was counseled with a sage words of a man who raised his family while working in the difficult music industry: "No pierdas la f?® ÔǪ don't lose faith."

"The words in the song are the actual words we spoke," remembers Amezcua. "My parents wanted to take me out to dinner," but he wasn't in the mood. He explained why, "But as my dad has told me time and time again, 'no pierdes la fe." I sat down and wrote the song in one day, December 31, 2011. Writing the words helped me to heal."

"I was basically quoting him. It's about family sticking together, having unity, striving toward a common goal."

He asked his brothers to be in the video and even his dad makes a cameo appearance, re-enacting the father-to-son phone call.

Now, when Alejandro analyzes the song, which has a cool Latin rhythm and catchy verses brought to life by Alejandro's smooth mellow voice, it takes on an even deeper meaning than the day he wrote it.

"Now to me, the song is a cry to all Latinos, anyone who has to struggle in life. The message is to never give up, to keep swinging. There's too much at stake.

"Latinos have so much to offer in this country, which in turn has many opportunities. I want the song to inspire people."

For Alejandro, inspiration comes not only from his family, but also via the great singers of the Golden Age of Mexican music: Pedro Infante, Marco Antonio Jimenez and Javier Solis. He first inclination to was to recreate the classic mariachi tunes and give them an updated interpretation.

"But Luis Miguel beat me to the punch," he adds with a laugh. "I wanted to do what he did with the the classic Mexican songbook, los romances, singing them in a way a new generation wanted to hear it and made them hip. He kicks ass!"

The 12-cut album is available via digital download and includes "Si Te Puedo Llamar Mi Mujer" (If I Could Call you Mine), "M?ís" ("More") and "Si Te Despierto" ("If I Wake You"), gorgeous ballads performed and written by Alejandro. The 12-cut album is available via digital download. Look for updates on AlejandroAmezcua.net.

So, what was the root of the crisis that set the wheels in motion for the musical work?

He won't say, but one factor that could be ruled out is his marital status: "I'm in a brand new relationship  of 30 years. I have a storybook relationship with my wife -- my muse  sharing an amazing family with five children of our own. The majority of songs of how she makes me feel."

I could hear the smile in his voice.

So, with the album out and some gigs showcasing the new songs on the way, he still has his day job, as a mariachi musician.

He's not giving up anytime soon. "My m??sica deserves a place," he asserts.

"Sigo con la fe.

For more information: alejandroamezcua.net/

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