Aztlan Underground Releases "Our Nature"

New single from LA's Urban/Indigenous/Post-Punk fusion band honors the Spring Equinox

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: March 20, 2012

Aztlan Underground Releases "Our Nature"

LA's Urban/Indigenous/Post-Punk fusion band, Aztlan Underground honors the reproductive forces of nature by releasing their new single, "Our Nature", on the spring equinox, March 20, 2012. The single is their first release since the success of their last self-titled album released in 2010 and will be available on their Soundcloud and YouTube pages.

The retro/gothic sound of the new single takes the band in a fresh and intriguing musical direction while keeping true to the original Aztlan Underground sound. The dark tones in the single seek to juxtapose the darkness and negativity associated with the natural occurrence of sex with lyrics that praise the act as an essential part of life itself.

"Society often dictates that sexuality and procreation are to be narrowly addressed in the confines of certain people's belief systems, but we feel that does not and should not apply to everyone," said lead vocalist Yaotl. "Those of us that walk in the natural, Indigenous spirit world understand that the act of reproduction should be celebrated, honored, and enjoyed."

The song was inspired by women artists -- punk-electronica singer Hanin Elias and printmaker/digital artist Favianna Rodriguez Gianonni -- both of whom espouse voracious political messages. Favianna's most-recent work is a direct response to the current Republican Presidential candidates' assault on women's rights. "We looked to our sisters in the struggle for inspiration on this song. Earth is female, our mother, and if we punish and impose our will on her, she will react and lash out, just like many of the outspoken women of today, demanding to be heard. We have a lot to learn if only we would listen or pay the consequences that nature will reap. It's all about balance, the ying and yang, the spring equinox," said Yaotl.

The darkness vs light conflict is embodied in the spring equinox which witnesses the equal balance of day and night on this day. It represents the male and female forces, procreation, and new beginnings. Springtime brings an outburst of life and a chance to begin again. The band also looked to the Mayan Tzolkin calendar where the days of the spring equinox support the idea of renewal with greater wisdom and stronger grasp on one's purpose.

Our Nature is available online starting March 20 on:
Website: www.aztlanunderground.net
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/aztlan-underground
YouTube: www.youtube.com/aztlanug

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