TOP 10 Reasons for Historic Drop in Immigration

The number of Mexicans leaving rose sharply, while the new flow of migrants into the U.S. fell steeply ... ??por qu?®?

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: April 23, 2012

TOP 10 Reasons for Historic Drop in Immigration

10. Gringos are learning how to rear their own kids ... via text-driven play dates

9. Rob Schneider's TV show ?íRob! was the straw that broke the burros back.

8. 5 to 30 percent self-deportation after drinking Tequila and listening to Volver, Volver...

7. Five states passed severe anti-immigration legislation. The net result: Really bad-looking lawns

6. They have drones patrolling the borders with El Cucuy painted on them.

5. The cartels now decide who comes ... they have one serious cover charge.

4. Network TV shows down to only one maid and a handful of ho' and gangster killers each season.

3. Nowadays, the longer you stay, the better chance of being sent back. This is true for politicians as well.

2. A typical Mexican woman is now projected to have an average of 2.4 children in her lifetime, compared with 7.3 children in 1960.

1. Please refer back to #2, The .4 and .3 explains all of the really short bald dudes.

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