News From the Brown Side of Town 5.23.12

Chismes & music news for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: May 23, 2012

News From the Brown Side of Town 5.23.12

?ŪOrale, Mi Gente!

The weather's getting hot, and playoff fever is still in L.A. air right now even though the Lakers & Clippers got knocked out, the Kings are still in the mix‘«™but some L.A. fans get as pissed as wet cats every time the home~team loses.

‘«™L.A. sports fans are getting a less than favorable reputation lately that's keeping cool older guys like me away from sports events and sports bars‘«™

I mean c'mon‘«™people getting beat up at Dodger stadium again‘«™people threatening players & their family when a game winning basketball shot is missed‘«™and is it just coincidence that every morning after a playoff game, TV news is reporting about a big fight at some bar, or somebody getting shot, or somebody getting killed by a hit and run driver who just didn't have the time to stop after the game?

I mean WE LOVE L.A. ‘«™but damn!...love hurts sometimes!

..and while everybody's watching that‘«™ taxes, utility costs, airline travel, and gas prices keep slowly going up and there's nothing we can do to stop it because the big corporations are buying up all the politicians and media, and controlling the government and what kind of info goes out‘«™.

‘«™thank goodness for the internet media, or we'd never hear some of the truth !...and some of the truth is that we're all going to be paying a little more for everything AGAIN this Summer !...que gacho!

‘«™and WHO the hell is this supposed new "Latin Phenomena" JUANES that TV news is just discovering??...from his pictures, he doesn't shave or comb his hair, or wear clean looking clothes that have been ironed, he doesn't have that celebrity commercial "naturally gorgeous look getting out of bed" look‘«™and people like THAT remind me of somebody who doesn't bathe or brush his teeth regularly‘«™so what's the big "phenomena" that makes him any different or sexier from any other homeless, unemployed looking guy off the street that probably lives in his mother's garage?...is "Ghetto glam" getting that desperate?

‘«™oh well‘«™at least the vato's has a good publicist and is making news‘«™eat your heart out, Ricky Martin, LOL!

In case anybody forgot, we still got some of our guys and gals in a combat zone fighting everyday in a land far away‘«™the average cost of a home in L.A. is now over a quarter million dollars‘«™public school & college/university administrators continue to give themselves executive paychecks & perks while cutting almost everything except drinking water faucets, as high budget deficits are the phrase of the day ‘«™ unemployment and nightly robberies keep going up‘«™.

‘«™and yet most of the media was all about Miley Cyrus's skinny leg showing outfit last weekend‘«™and the girl ain't all that fine compared to some of my Latina sistas, either!

And on TV's American Idol, now that Ryan Seacrest is finally acting his age, shaving & combing his hair, making sure his tie is straight and all that...what's up with the music "guest stars"? Lately, some of the "guest" performances by supposed established "stars" are worse than that by some of the contestants voted off weeks ago... OMG... am I getting old here or what ?

Too much smoke, distracting dancers, and house musicians on the stage trying to be rock stars, and I've NEVER heard of some of the songs being performed...and listening to folk style music is REALLY getting boring...

Oh well‘«™at least it was happening on the Brown Side of Town!


Last Friday night was a wonderful night to step out in the San Fernando Valley as L.A.'s most beloved Chicano comedian had a 50th birthday party and celebrated with about 500 or more of his closest friends, plus some great food and music at the Sportsman' Lodge in Studio City‘«™and my Lady and I were some of the lucky 400 + invited to attend.

Along with some very funny comedians, Gilbert Esquivel also celebrated his half century mark with great performances by THEE MIDNITERS and TIERRA, live on stage.

Lead singer Greg Esparza & THEE MIDNITERS, with special guest drummer Robert Zapata, were on the mark as they put on a great performance of classic Chicano rock & roll, East Side style, that had the Gente either singing along or dancing in the aisles.

Not to be outdone, lead singer Billy Mondragon and TIERRA also came out with musical "guns" blazing, as they hit their all time favorite tunes, much to the delight of the crowd, showing why they remain an all time favorite music group among the Gente in the Land of 1000 Dances.

Great night, great entertainment, and a great moment for a great guy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gilbert!...may you have 50 more, carnal!

Saturday afternoon, more than 1,000 people showed up for a book, art, cultural & music fair at Pierce College in Sylmar as Luis Rodriguez and TIA CHUCHA's held their annual "Celebrating Words" Festival. It was refreshing to just hang out with the Gente and soak up some fine cultura & art while enjoying some good food and music. For info on next events held by TIA CHUCHA's: www.tiachucha.com.

Saturday night saw LOUIE PARRA & THEE MAD LATINS jammin' and keeping the Gente happy and dancing at the Back Door Lounge in Pomona. Word from the Latino Load dogs is that Louie tore it up!...go head on, Louie!

Sunday morning we headed up north to the "Barrio by the Sea", Oxnard, Califas, for the annual Strawberry Festival where Bertha Oropeza & CHICO, CANNIBAL & the HEADHUNTERS, and HOUSE ARREST were the headliners at the 2 music stages. Lot's of sun, fun, food, dancing, and strawberry EVERYTHING!...even strawberry nachos! Beat that!

Wednesday night, TEASE hit the stage at the Antigua Latin Bistro on Beverly Boulevard in Montebello, featuring DJ Tony Stout spinning between the cuts. Good crowd, good show, great performance according to the LatinoLA road dogs.

This Thursday, TIA CHUCHA's Cultural Art Center and Bookstore invite you to a film screening and book release of "Rushing waters, rising dreams", a film by John Cantu and book by the same name published by Luis Rodriguez and Tia Chucha Press. Admision is free & open to the public. For info, go to www.tiachucha.com, and I'll see you there!

This Friday, the MARK SELLS Band, formerly known as the BROTHERS n' BLUES Band, hit the stag with some fine, homegrown, L.A. style live blues music at the Hollywood House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard starting at 8pm. The next Friday, they will be at the Arcadia Blues Club starting at 9pm, where I will be joining a couple of the LatinoLA road dogs for a fine of Blues music. For more info, e-mail: bluepicado@gmail.com.

Ray Carrion and his popular EUROPA Band are tearing it up for SANTANA and Latin Rock fans all over L.A. lately. Caught them at a recent performance and they were on it! This Sunday, he gives us a Memorial Day weekend Sunday concert a STEVEN's STEAKHOUSE in Commerce starting at 2:30pm. Also performing will be Johnny Burrola's HIP STREET Tower of Power tribute band (another great L.A. powerhouse tribute group) and MAINLINE , a hot up and coming L.A. club-dance band that's sure to get your attention. Also performing will be surprise guest comedians, and a generous buffet dinner is included with the price of admission of only $20.00 per person. For tickets & info: 323-761-6496.

The Los Angeles Theater Center invites you to get out of the heat, get on the street, and into the theater as they present some of the finest live stage performances of drama in L.A. or anywhere on the West Coast. If you haven't been to a live play lately (or have never been to one), the experience is one of deep appreciation for the Arts. For more info on the exciting season of plays now starting, go to www.latc.org ...you will be surprised at what you find!

Fine music for the "big kids" is just a click away on www.eastLArevue.com , where DJ's Frankie Firme, Sugarbear, SAPO, Chico Manqueros, Crazy Chuy Hernandez, El Betoman, El Chino, Tom Morin de Chavez Bay, Tyrone DuBose, and other guest DJ's bring you the sounds of yesterday and not so long ago...60's & 70's Soul, timeless Oldies but Goodies, Old School, Latin Jazz, Latin Funk, R&B, Blues, Tejano, and other great classic American music to fill your soul 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine.

Orale, that's about it for the moment...hope it's just enough to get you interested and looking around at the beautiful Brown world we live in and make happen.

For other events, info, articles, stories, and entertainment news, check out the entire 12 pages of this fine web magazine...you won't be disappointed !

Ay te watcho...from the Land of 1000 Dances !

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul" heard daily on world wide Internet Radio
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