The First Dance

The Lizzy and Guillermo love story...of sorts

By Jessica Martinez
Published on LatinoLA: June 20, 2012

The First Dance

The room at the Getty Center was decorated with balloons and candles on the table, but Guillermo couldn't think about that. He was only thinking about Lizzy and how she must be feeling. He had assured her that nothing would keep him from going to the Formal Ball this weekend. Lizzy had her dress and the corsage was in his car but last night Guillermo found out he had a last minute prom to plan. Lizzy understood but he can tell in her voice she was upset. Alex notices that Guillermo isn't his happy self and goes over to him.

"Hey man, why aren't you out flirting with those girls?"

Guillermo sighs and looks at Alex.

"Nah Alex. I don't feel like it."

Alex realizes why he is not happy and tells him.

"Dude, just go. I'll cover for you if anyone asks. Plus I know you would rather want to be dancing with that girl of yours."

Guillermo turns and nods.

"Yeah I would but it's too late already. She's there and probably angry at me Alex."

Alex, pushing Guillermo towards the door, laughs.

"Hurry up and go. You never know unless you go. Have fun Mo!"

Guillermo smiles and runs out to his car and leaves.

"Lizzy, hurry up. The ball's gonna start!"

Kim calls through the door. Lizzy sighs and comes out from the restroom. Kim notices Lizzy's changed personality and immediately knows why. She gets her hand and guides her to the foyer of the Hilton where the photographer was taking pictures. Kim pushes Lizzy into the group and yells, "Smile!" Lizzy puts on a smile but as soon as the flash ended, Lizzy went back to being sad. Kim grabs her and they walk into the ballroom.

"Lizzy, you have to stop. It's not like he did it on purpose. You have to have fun without him."

Lizzy sits down at the table and sighs.

"I know Kim but we made all these plans afterwards."

Kim sighs with Lizzy as Anna, Phi Chi Kappa president, starts the ceremony.

"Lizzy! You're up."

Kim nudges Lizzy and quickly she gets up and stands with the other Phi Chi Kappa council members. As they pass out the roses, Lizzy starts to remember the first rose Guillermo gave her. Yes it was fake but it was the most treasured gift she got. Lizzy turns to the door to see if by miracle she would see him smiling, but he wasn't by the door.

"Lizzy, turn around and smile." Lizzy turns around, faking another smile for the picture.

"Thank you all for attending Phi Chi Kappa's annual presentation ball. Everyone is invited to stay for the dance."

Everyone got up and headed to the dance floor, except Lizzy. Kim and her boyfriend, Tommy, walked over to her.

"Hey Lizzy wanna dance with us?"

Lizzy, holding back tears and wondering why she even came to the ball, shook her head.

"Nah. I don't feel like it, but thanks."

Kim sighs as Tommy leads her away. Watching the entire couples dance reminds Lizzy of Guillermo and she gets up and leaves.

Lizzy walks into the foyer and sits down on one of the comfy chairs by the window. She takes out her phone and sighs, seeing no missed calls or texts from Guillermo.

"I guess he's having too much fun at his dance to bother with me."

Lizzy says to herself, tears coming down her cheek. Deciding that she's not going to have any fun tonight, Lizzy gets up and heads back to the ballroom to get her stuff to leave.

"Lizzy where are you going?"

Tommy ask her when she gets to the table.

"I'm not feeling good, Tommy. Plus Kim's forcing me to have a good time and I know she means well, but I can't," Lizzy says, while sitting down next to him.

Not understanding what is going on, Tommy gives Lizzy a comforting smile before looking around for Kim to take over. Lizzy holds her stuff and watches a couple dancing until Kim's glittering dress catches her eye.

"That's my cue to leave. Bye, Tommy."

Lizzy says as she gets up. Suddenly, she stops and if by chance something told her to look in that direction, Lizzy looks beyond Kim's smile and at Guillermo's smile. Tommy stands behind Lizzy just in case she passed out but Lizzy doesn't believe it's him.

"Go up to her already!"

Kim tells Guillermo, who like Lizzy, was just staring at her. He knew Lizzy got the dress but seeing her in the black dress with white layer and white trim on the top made leaving work worth it. Guillermo finally walks over to Lizzy and smiles.

"Hi Lizzy. You look gorgeous."

Tommy points to the box in his hand and whispers.

"Give it to her Mo."

Guillermo realizes he had the box still and quickly opens it. He gets Lizzy's hand and slips the pink carnation on her.

"I picked this out, well, the type at least. My mom picked the color."

Guillermo says, smiling and a little embarrassed. Lizzy looks at him as he puts it on and realizes what flower it was.

"It's like the flower you bought me at the movies that one time."

He nods.

"Yeah, I wanted you to have the real one so you can tell your friends I'm not that cheap."

"Guillermo you are cheap. That's why the only fancy restaurant we go to is Denny's"

They started laughing, while Kim and Tommy not understanding the joke only shrugs.

"You dorks have fun. We're going to dance now."

Kim says as she leads Tommy away. Lizzy shakes her head and turns back to Guillermo. Her dream of Guillermo being with her at Presents was coming true. Guillermo was also smiling at her and suddenly realize they were still standing.

"You wanna dance too, Lizzy?"

Without thinking, Lizzy smiles and grabs his hand.

"Sure Guillermo."

He leads her out to the dance floor as the song changes into a slow dance. For a few minutes, they stood there not knowing how to hold the other until Kim and Tommy moved them into position. They started to laugh as they danced to the song "Flightless Bird, American Eagle" but quickly they turned their attention to each other. As the song continued, Lizzy puts her head on Guillermo and closed her eyes, taking in the moment of having him, the guy she truly loved, here with her. Guillermo felt her smiling and leans close by her ear and whispers.

"I'm glad I ditched work, Lizzy. I couldn't bear the thought of you being here alone and I know I said it before, but you're so beautiful."

Lizzy nods and hugs him tight. She knew he was telling the truth and Lizzy could feel herself start to tear up. She was about to reply when Guillermo continues.

"I want to ask you something. Can we go out to the garden?"

Lizzy lifts her head and looks at Guillermo and nods, thinking how as always he steals her thought.

"Yeah let's go."

Smiling, he gets her hand and they walk towards the door leading to the gardens and leaves. Kim, as always being nosy, just smiles as she watches them leave. Tommy just shakes his head and they continue to dance.

Guillermo finds a spot for them to sit at once they reach the garden area. The bench he finds is by a few rose bushes and a tree is right behind the bench. Both the bushes and the tree are decorated with white lights. He sits down first and pulls Lizzy close to him and has her sit on his lap. This is Guillermo's typical move when they would go out and have their "alone time." Usually, after sitting on his lap, they start talking a little bit more and they end up kissing. Something, however, about this routine seemed different to Lizzy tonight and she started to wonder what that could be until Guillermo wrap his arms around her waist and smiles at her.

"I know I said it already, but I can't help it. You look AMAZING."

He says, smiling at her. Lizzy starts to blush, never having anyone say that to her, and smiles.

"You really know how to make a girl blush huh? I can get used to all the compliments you're giving me but knowing you, you will go back to that sarcastic guy I know and love."

Realizing what she said, Lizzy quickly changes the subject.

"I was getting ready to leave because I was lonely and missed you. Oh snap! I mean, I would have been perfectly fine here butwell.hmmyou know. Anyway, I'm glad Kim got me to stay."

Lizzy turns around and curses herself for saying that and Guillermo chuckles a bit, seeing how cute she was when she let things slip. He smiles at Lizzy when she turns back around and takes off his glasses and puts them next to him on the bench. Lizzy watches him and when he looks back at her, she puts her arms around his neck.

"So you wanted to talk to me about something Guillermo?"

Lizzy smiled at him as she starts playing with his hair.

"HEY! Stop that! It tickles," Guillermo says, laughing a little. Lizzy stops and smiles at him and he smiles back at her. He takes a deep breath and places his hand on her lap.

"Lizzy we have known each other for almost a year. It has been, well, unconventional between us but yet neither one of us can't be without the other for more than a week."

He reaches for her hand and intertwines their hands together and he continues.

"I may have told you I regret some of the things we did, but the truth isI don't regret anything. Every kiss we shared, every touch we give is a part of me and it kills me every day that I don't see you."

He leans in closer to Lizzy so she can feel him breathing.

"Elizabeth, I want to be with you. I want to make our relationship more than what it is. I mean, make it official and be more than friends."

Guillermo looks into her eyes and she can see he is full of emotion.

"I love you Elizabeth. I've loved you since the first moment I met you at Pinks, our first outing at the ice cream parlor. When I first held you in my arms at the Observatory and when I first felt your lips against mine at lookout point in LAX. My heart broke that day when Lilian put us in that conference and I made you cry. I never meant to hurt you and I hope you still feel the same way about me. Whatever it takes Liz, I will fight for you and your love."

Lizzy stares into Guillermo's eyes, shocked at what he just said and not really knowing what to say. She has been waiting for over a year, so many nights she cried over him and hating him for what he's done to her, but knows that he is also right. No matter how much Guillermo Flores has hurt her, used her, Lizzy can't be without him. He's a part of her life and Lizzy needs him. She finally got herself to the point of accepting this relationship but a part of her, the one part that loved him, was telling her to accept it.

"Guillermo, I don't know what to say. I mean, I never stopped loving you but I have accepted the fact we could never be more than just friends. You don't know how long I had to make myself see that."

Guillermo nods to her.

"Well I know it's my fault that I made you wait this long, but maybe this might help my case."

He puts his hands on Lizzy's face and gently kisses her. The kiss felt so much different than before. Other times the kiss was just a kiss, no hidden meaning behind it. This kiss, however, had more passion; more love to it and when Guillermo pulled back and smiled, Lizzy knew what her answer would be.

"Guillermo, that really helps me decide."

She smiled at him. He looks at her wondering if she was going to reject him. Lizzy was about to say when instead she decided to pull Guillermo close to her and kisses him as passionately as he did. Surprised at first, Guillermo was caught off guard but then he put her arms around Lizzy and kisses her back. Neither one wanted to break the kiss, even when Guillermo moved his hand down to Lizzy's leg and Lizzy rubbed her hand up and down his chest. Finally, after an eternity of kissing, Guillermo stopped and had the biggest grin on his face.

"So I take it that meant yes."
Lizzy laughs and smiles.


He laughs and they get up and head back to the ballroom. Lizzy quickly grabs her things as they pass by the table and continue on towards the exit. The new, happy couple leaves the hotel and head out to enjoy the rest of the night as boyfriend and girlfriend.

About Jessica Martinez:
29-year-old English major that loves to write short stories and novels. I would love to have one of my stories published one day.

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