Mi Mariachi Experience

Mariachi means home to me

By Teresa Espinoza
Published on LatinoLA: June 19, 2012

Mi Mariachi Experience

Mariachi means home to me.

Every time I hear one it takes me back to happy times and I start longing for "mi tierra".

Whether at a birthday party, wedding or concert, the minute those guitar strings are strung & trumpets blown, I feel a pride and joy unlike no other. It gets me emotional & makes me want to cry, usually happy tears because the song usually triggers a memory.

I was lucky to have been introduced to it at an early age by my mother, may she rest in peace. She didn't have the greatest voice but she had passion. She also enrolled me in folklorico dance in school so mariachi has been in my life since I can remember.

Usually the memories are of her singing to me or watching me dance at a school recital or making my costumes for the dances.

Either way mariachi, has always played an important role and as an adult it has carried over. My husband is a big fan too, he sang Hermoso Cari??o for me at our wedding in front of our guests, which was a wonderful surprise.

He always tries to make reservations at restaurants where mariachis are presented & he full blasts his collection of cd's in the car.

Hopefully our newborn son picks up the love for mariachi, too. I'll do my part to make sure it's part of his life exposing him at an early age and taking him to Olvera Street and anywhere else where we see those mariachi men.

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