The First Couple

Part 2 of the Lizzy and Carlos love story

By Jessica Martinez
Published on LatinoLA: June 27, 2012

The First Couple

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"Elizabeth Josephine Martinez! Don't tease me like that! Tell me what happened last night."

Kim was demanding when she got to Lizzy's house. Not wanting her mom to hear anything, Lizzy pushed Kim outside and yelled.

"Bye Mom. See you later!"

Closing the door, Lizzy looks at Kim and smacks her on the arm.

"Don't say anything in front of my family Kim. Then I have to explain and ewwtoo much."

Kim, rubbing her arm, smiles.

"Sorry Liz but once I heard about something big happening between you two and.OH MY GOD! I was right! You gotta tell me now Lizzy!"

Lizzy smiles, remembering what happened last night and spent the morning thinking it was a dream, gets into the car and waits for Kim to drive off.

"Kim, it was everything that I imagined it would be."

Kim laughs at Lizzy and said.

"Oh Lizzy you're too cute. It's only gonna get better as the relationship goes. You are officially the "First Couple."

Lizzy smiles but turns around after hearing that.

"First Couple? What does that mean?"

Kim smiles and starts explaining to Lizzy.

"When someone gets a boyfriend, they become known as the 'First Couple.' They become the couple everyone wants to meet and require to go to everything: parties, events, hangouts, EVERYTHING. You'll find out what I mean when we get to the party."
Lizzy just nods and looks out the window, wondering what Carlos will think when he finds out.

Tommy and Carlos were outside waiting when Kim pulled up at the house. They got out and immediately Tommy went up to help Kim and they started kissing. Lizzy and Carlos, however still new to their relationship, just acted as if nothing happened last night. Lizzy smiled at Carlos as she moved away from the kissing couple.

"So Tommy was filling me in on the responsibility of being the Phi Chi boyfriend."
He tells Lizzy, chuckling a bit and Lizzy nods back.

"Yeah and Kim was telling me we are now the latest First Couple of Phi Chi."

"First Couple? What are we, the newly elected President of the United States?"

Carlos says, laughing. Seeing him laugh, Lizzy feels better and knows he won't leave. He pulls Lizzy close and smiles.


Before she can reply, Carlos kisses her gently on the lips. When they pull back, Lizzy can't help but smile and does the same thing but letting the kiss last longer.

"Alright love birds, let's get going before Anna and Camille have a cow."

Kim calls to them as Tommy laughs and gets into the driver seat. Lizzy and Carlos laugh and walk to the car, getting into the back seat and the four of them drive away.

"Kim was right, for once, Liz."

Carlos quickly whispers to Lizzy as they make their way through the crowd. Everyone at the barbeque was surrounding them, asking questions left and right. Lizzy simply nods and squeezes his arm as they make their way to a table. Camille and her boyfriend, Nick, were just watching and smiling as Lizzy and Carlos passed by.

"Thank you guys for taking the spotlight from us."

They just looked at them and continued looking for a table until Kim waves at them.

"Don't listen to them. Wait until they break up. Plus you know Camille's a bitch."

Kim says to make Lizzy and Carlos feel better, but it didn't help as much. The Alum Committee, the one Lizzy and Kim were a part of, kept coming up and taking pictures of them every 5 minutes. Even with Kim and Lizzy's constant glaring, they kept on coming. Lizzy, getting fed up with the attention, gets up and grabs Carlos's hand, mid eating his hamburger, and pulls him to the front of the group.

"Okay, instead of having people sneaking up for a picture, just take as many pictures you want now. You have five minutes to do that and afterwards you leave us alone."

Lizzy looks at the watch and nods.


Everyone in the room immediately had their cameras out and the flashing started. Kim was standing in front of everyone taking pictures too and Lizzy, in her head, made a note to hit her when they sat back down.

"Time's up!"

Lizzy calls out and leads Carlos back to the table. Everyone was watching them and once Lizzy sat down, the conversations started up again.

"Wow Liz, I didn't think you had that in you."

Tommy said, surprised and trying to think back to when the last time he saw her take action like that. Lizzy smiles and nods back to him.

"Thanks Tommy. Yeah that surprised me too. I was tired of having people coming up so I figured give them what they want."

Lizzy turns to Carlos, finishing up his now cold hamburger, and places her hand on top of his.

"I'm sorry Carlos about all this."

He smiles and squeezes her hand.

"Don't worry Lizzy. It's because I'm so beautiful these girls can't get enough of me."
Lizzy laughs and hits him on the arm.

"Shut up! As if anyone wants to have your ugly face to look at every day."

Carlos rubs his arm, but starts to laugh.

"Hey, it worked for you didn't it. Don't you have the first picture of us up still in your room?"

Lizzy laughs at Carlos and nods.

"Fine. You have one fan that will have your mug shot up."

Carlos laughs and leans closer to her.

"One fan is enough for me, Liz."

He smiles and kisses her one the lips. Immediately as their lips touched, the flashing started up again. Lizzy ignores the flashes and the "Awws" and falls into Carlos's kiss, letting it help her forget about being the First Couple. Kim's camera continues taking pictures and Tommy just shakes his head and continues eating his cheeseburger.

"Hey, I'm doing this for Lizzy."

Kim says in between taking pictures and fighting to keep her spot from the other sisters. Tommy rolls his eyes at her and nods.

"Uh huh, sure you are dear."

"Bye Lizzy! Remember the party is next weekend. You HAVE to be there!"

Katie calls to her as Carlos leads her out of the hall. Katie is Lizzy's old roommate-turned resident party girl during their years at school. Everyone knew what kind of things Katie did but no one had to guts to actually say it outloud. Lizzy and she had a bad falling out during a sorority "Circle of Trust" and they haven't talked since. Katie took a particular interest in Carlos and Lizzy did everything to keep her away from having any moment with him. Carlos, hearing the stories from Kim and Lizzy, kept his distance from Katie but wasn't doing a great job at it. Three and a half hours of doing First Couple duty and trying to avoid Katie as best he could, Carlos had enough and written to Lizzy, saying for them to go somewhere quiet and get away from Katie. Lizzy couldn't agree more and made up the excuse she needed to be home early. Kim and Tommy, in on the lie and doing crowd control on Katie, gave Carlos the key as a decoy and arranged for them to be picked up later. Once outside, Lizzy puts her arms around Carlos's waist and smiles.

"Thank you. I don't know if I could have survived anymore of that and if I saw Katie one more time trying to make a pass on you I would have thrown her in the pool."
He smiles and holds Lizzy tight.

"I knew you wouldn't mind leaving but maybe I shouldn't have. I would have loved to see my girl fighting in the pool over me. Kinda makes me hot thinking about two girls, all wet and beating each other up."

Lizzy starts to laugh and hits him on the arm.

"Okay relax pal. There will never be any pool fighting anytime soon. Plus she can kick my butt in the pool. Katie's a swimmer and I would just sink to the bottom and drown."

Carlos laughs and dips her down.

"Well then, after someone saves you, I can give you mouth to mouth to get you breathing again. Like this."

He leans over her and kisses her deeply, with Lizzy putting her arms around his neck. They continue kissing for a minute more and then Carlos lifts her back up.

"If I couldn't breathe before, I can't now. Maybe I should throw myself in a pool to get you to kiss me like that."

Lizzy says, smiling. Carlos just laughs and pulls her closer and kisses her again.
Pulling away, he notices a trail behind one of the buildings and looks back at Lizzy.

"How about a hike, Lizzy?"

The trail was smooth, with the occasional pebbles and tree branches on the ground. Along the sides of the trail were bushes and trees growing. Lizzy remembered taking the trail up during initiation and knew where Carlos was taking her. Sure enough they reached the end of the trail where there was a cliff at the end. The cliff was looking over the city, where there was a picnic set up. Lizzy smiled at Carlos.

"I guess you had this planned for a while huh?"

Carlos chuckles as he leads her to the blanket and helps her down.

"Well you know me. Plus Tommy suggested this to me for our first official date."
He sits down next to Lizzy and pulls out two bottles of soda and opens one for Lizzy. He gives her one and puts his arm around her and pulls Lizzy close to him as they look out into the lit city.

"So what do you think of all this?" Lizzy managed to say after a while of silence. Carlos look at her and just shrugged. "Well it is not what I expected it to be but I'm sure it will die down." She laughed. "You wish. That girl Camille was the It Girl for a long time. This is me we're talking about, remember? The quiet and shy one that never been clubbing or frat parties. We might be like this forever."

Carlos just laughed and hugged her. "Oh Lizzy, I know it's you and if we have to be the First Couple forever, then we will be." He takes off his glasses and gives her that smile as he continues. "As long as I'm with you we can be the First Couple forever." Lizzy smiled and leaned her head against Carlos's shoulder. He gently kisses her head and whispered, "I love you Liz." Hearing Carlos say those words make Lizzy feel happier than before. The memories of the day, including the Katie incident, immediately disappeared. For some reason, though, Lizzy couldn't find a way to say those words back to Carlos. "I know and I do too." She managed to say and without noticing it, he smiled back and they sit closer together. It was getting dark and Carlos said, "Okay that's our cue to leave, Liz, though I wouldn't mind staying here."

Lizzy nodded in agreement and started to get up. "Yeah we better leave. You know I can't rough it in the wild." Carlos laughed as he started to pick up the basket and blanket from the ground. "Yes Lizzy I know you can't rough it. Remember our trip to the Getty Center? That wasn't roughing it but you couldn't make that hike up to the top." Lizzy punched Carlos in the arm and replied, "Yeah Mr 'Oh let's park on the bottom of the hill and walk all the way to the top so I won't damage my precious car'." Carlos rubbed his arm and before she could say anything else, grabbed her by the waist and kissed her. "Yeah I am going to have to get use to your spontaneous kissing acts when we argue." Lizzy said after a few minutes. Carlos winked at her and led her down the hill.

"Man could you guys take any longer?" Kim yelled at them from the car. Carlos called back, "Oh what happened to 'take your time and have fun you two'" They reached the car and started to load up the trunk with the picnic stuff. Kim took her seat in the front with Tommy and Lizzy got into the back seat. "So did you two lovebirds have a great alone time?" Kim said and Lizzy just nodded. Tommy, through the rear view mirror, gave her a wink and Lizzy smiled back at him. "It was a nice evening, especially after all that went on during the day by the pool." She replied back and Kim nodded. "Yeah I know and I was so ready to smack Katie after you guys left. She was still telling people she has a chance with your man."

"See, even when I'm not there I'm still the topic of conversation." Carlos replied as he got into the car and gave Lizzy a kiss on the cheek. "Keep dreaming Carlos." Lizzy laughed and kissed him back. Tommy started to laugh as he turned on the car and they drove away.

About Jessica Martinez:
29-year-old English major that loves to write short stories and novels. I would love to have one of my stories published one day.

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