Se Fija! One Year Later, One Step Forward

We celebrated our one-year anniversary on July 6, 2012‘«™and like any one-year-old, we're just getting started.

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: July 7, 2012

Se Fija! One Year Later, One Step Forward

I got the idea for this online publication back in 2007. At the time, I sort of had a concept of what I wanted it to be. But the time wasn't right, and it still needed some fine-tuning. That took another three years plus.

And now?

Now, it's pretty hard to believe, but "Se Fija!" went live one full year ago. Now (at least according to our WordPress dashboard), we've created more than 365 posts later (that's almost one a day!). Now, in June 2012, we recorded our best month ever‘«Űmore than "31,000" page views.

And everybody here at "Se Fija!" Central feels like we're just getting started.

We've had a chance to interview some fascinating people, attend some really interesting events, and write about Latinos in entertainment (yes, in front and behind the camera) from a relentlessly positive point of view.

We've stayed away from the gossip. We don't do reviews (well, very VERY rarely). And we've tried to cover the well-known stars, the up-and-comers, and the ready-to-take-over-the-worlders in equal proportion.

So far, so good. At least we think so.

We've tried to stick close to that original premise, too, but of course we've had to do some fine-tuning along the way. That's why, on our first anniversary, we're changing our tag line‘«Űyou know, the explanatory phrase after the logo? Look up at the top of the page; you'll see it now says, "A celebration of Latino talent and culture in front and behind the camera."

That says it all.

More and more, we've come to realize that we're fascinated by Latino "culture" in entertainment as much as the "people" who create it, so we've taken to covering both‘«™and that coverage has barely begun.

And after walking for a year, we're ready to start running (or at least jogging). In one of our recent posts you'll find our first podcast ‘«Ű an embedded audio file that will soon be an iTunes podcast, too. That will also soon be the first new entry in a long time on the "Se Fija!" YouTube Channel, where you'll be seeing much more original and shared content in the weeks to come. That's our next big step‘«Űinto the world of multimedia. That's what we're concentrating on this summer.

We wanted to do "something" special for our first anniversary. And new podcasts, new videos, and a new tag line seemed a good place to start.

So‘«™HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us! Let's toast to the "great" things that will be happening in Year #2. We're glad you're on this journey with us!

Gracias to you all!

Angela & Everybody @Se Fija!

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