Chapter III: The Announcement

Part 3 of the Lizzy and Carlos love story

By Jessica Martinez
Published on LatinoLA: July 11, 2012

Chapter III: The Announcement

Lizzy sits down to eat with her father, Henry, and step mother, Kris, on Sunday. Every other weekend she does her visitation with her other family and today would be the time to tell them about Carlos. Lizzy's mother and family already knew about him, as well as Carlos's family, but the Hernandez were the last to know. She checks her cell phone and sees a message from Carlos.

"Good luck today. Love you."

Lizzy smiles and turns to the family, feeling a bit better about announcing her new relationship.

"I know why you're smiling. It's something about Carlos, huh?"
Bobby, her older but relatively close in age uncle said. Lizzy just looks at him and everyone starts to laugh.

"So Liz, what is going on with this Carlos and you?"
Bobby ask between bites. Lizzy just shrugs while Henry pretends to take a serious father approach in the subject. Kris just smiles at all of them.

"Tell us dear and I'll make sure to keep Henry from falling over and attacking the poor boy."

Lizzy knew she couldn't keep it from them any longer, especially since Bobby started asking about them. She knew it would be a matter of time and just took a deep breath and uttered those words.

"Carlos and I are a couple, officially. We've been going out officially for one month, unofficially one year."

Lizzy starts to breath easily now and waits for the shock to set in from the group. Kris just smiles and Henry looked like he was in denial or about to pass out from the news. Bobby, however, took the news as a relief. He throws down his fork and started yelling.

"FINALLY! I knew it would be a matter of time before you guys hooked up. I knew it would happen since you're always talking about this guy like he was Rob Pattinson or something."

While Bobby kept going with his rant, Henry finally was able to breathe again and broke Bobby's chant.

"When do I get to meet this Carlos?"

Lizzy, just happy not to hear Bobby anymore, turns to Henry and shrugs. She was surprised, besides the initial denial part, that he was taking it well.

"Soon. We are taking it real slow and plus my mom wants to meet him first before I can introduce him to the rest of the family."

"Well, why don't I throw you kids a party, Lizzy?"

Kris joined in. Lizzy quickly turns around, looking surprised at the idea.

"A party? Guys, it's not like we're getting married. You don't have to throw a party just for this."

"Well you guys ARE practically married. HELLO Lizzy! Don't you realize how much you talk about Carlos--EVERY SINGLE DAY! Plus you're always with him on the weekends."
Bobby finally gets in one more speech in. Lizzy looks at him and throws a piece of bread at him. He catches it and winks at her.

"Not helping here Bobby."

Between their 'sibling' squabbling, Kris takes out her phone and starts dialing as she gets up from the table. Henry just laughs at Lizzy.

"She just wants an excuse to have a party Lizzy. Leave her to her planning and stuff."

Lizzy starts to think about how Carlos will react to see the immediate family and when she finally relaxes and accept the party issue, Kris comes back and throws another bombshell.

"Okay, we have the studio for next Saturday night and we need to ask your tia to make your jewelry and desserts. Mrs. Lupe said she can squeeze you in today to get measurements and---"

"Wait! I thought this was just a simple barbeque or something, not a party Party."
Lizzy said, already starting to feel sick of the thought. Kris continues with her idea, which Lizzy starts to blank out.

"I know you don't think so now but a huge party is what this family needs."
Bobby nudges Lizzy and winks.

"You are the one to bring balance to the Force"

Lizzy glares at Bobby for a minute and looks around for something harder to throw at him. In between, she realizes that she can't get Kris to change her mind about throwing this party and tries to find positives for the idea. After finding one positive thing, Lizzy caves in to the idea.

"This is just a party, right? We are not engaged and definitely not getting married."
"Nor pregnant, right Elizabeth?"

Henry throws in, looking serious at Lizzy. She quickly shakes her head and making her "HELL NO" face. Kris smiles and stands next to Henry, rubbing his shoulders to relax him from the idea.

"Of course dear. This is your debutant and will be the one you will never forget."
Lizzy sighs and crosses her arms. She didn't know how close Kris was to the mark about it being one she would never forget. They continue on with their lunch and after another hour of talking about other stuff, Lizzy gets up and leaves.

"Don't forget your appointment later today, dear." She heard Kris calling out as she walked out the door. "Oh boy, I wonder what my mom's going to say about this one." Lizzy said to herself as she reached the car and got inside.

"What?" Diana, Lizzy's mother said when she told her about Kris's party. Lizzy, after the fitting with Kris, she went home and was surprised to see Carlos there. His parents were also inside but in the living room. Her mom and him were in the kitchen getting drinks.

"Uh, hi Carlos. What are you doing here?"

He smiles and gets up to hug her, since Diana was there watching he didn't want to do anything else.

"I figured I would come and meet your mom while you're gone. Plus my parents wanted to me her too. So, what's this party you're talking about?"

Diana finishes serving drinks and walks over towards them, handing the tray to Carlos.
"Did Henry finally lose it or he's just talking crazy nonsense?"

Lizzy sighs and looks at Carlos, as to say "here she goes again," as she walks over and sits down at the table. Carlos and Diana comes over and sat down on both sides of the table with her.

"Kris thinks that having this debutant is just what will bring the entire Hernandez family back together. Henry is apparently on board, as is Rosemary, Chawa, and Bobby."

Carlos thinks about it and asked the dreaded question Lizzy was worried about the most.

"Lizzy is this a formal party, as in black ties?"

Lizzy turns to Carlos and gives him a quick nod in agreement.

"Yup it is. I was just fitted for my dress."

Diana shakes her head and sighs. She then asked the dreaded second question that she is known for.

"Do I have to pay for anything?"

That was typical of her mother to say for any situation. Lizzy shakes her head.

"No but I think Henry's gonna call you. I told him you had to meet Carlos before he did and that's when Kris came up with the party idea."

Diana just nods and gets up with the drinks.

"Let me go back with Carlos's parents. We'll talk about this later."

She leaves to the living room and Carlos moves closer to Lizzy and puts his arm around her.

"So we are doing another First Couple duty, dear?"

Lizzy smiles and leans her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry dear. I know you like 'simple' and not too much publicity but once my step mother gets an idea she runs with it. I'll keep working on though but I can't guarantee we can get out of this."

Carlos just smiles and kisses her on the head, realizing why he loved her. Lizzy then forgets about everything and just starts focusing her attention on him.

"As long as you're next to me, I'll do one hundred parties and dress up in black suits and ties. Maybe being the center of attention isn't so bad."

Lizzy smiles and kisses him back, but on the lips quickly. Just hearing him say that makes her feel better and makes her realized that she really loves him.

"I guess we better go out too so I can say hi to your parents."

He nods and whispers to Lizzy, which makes her smile more. They get up and head to the living room.

After a week of planning and fittings, the day finally came. Lizzy and Diana were putting the finishing touches on their hair when the door bell rang. Diana went down to answer it and from her bathroom, Lizzy can hear Kris's excited voice coming from outside.

"Lizzy, it's time to go. Grab your stuff and come on."

Diana called from downstairs. Lizzy sighs as she grabs her jewelry and runs downstairs to meet them. Kris had her big SUV Explorer outside and from the outside you can tell it was packed with decorations and other things. Lizzy started feeling sick as she got into the backseat and Kris got in, of course very excited.

"Oh Lizzy are you so excited for your big day?"

Lizzy, staring out the window during the drive, tries not to think about it but knows she has to answer or else the millions of questions will start.

"Uh I guess a little excited."

Lizzy said which was true. Kris took the hint and started talking to Diana, but Lizzy was ignoring them. She still couldn't believe this was happening and wondered how long she would have to wait to get the "I'm done" text from Carlos. They reached the studio and everything was decorated with black and white balloons and trim. It didn't look like the plain building that she remembers. Kim comes out to meet Kris and grabs Lizzy's bag. "Come on and let's finish getting you ready." she said, leading Lizzy to the back of the room. The bag with the dress was already there, hanging on the door and as soon as Kim closed the door, Lizzy started to panic.

"Kim I don't know what I was thinking, letting Kris talk me into having this party. First it was First Couple and now this. All that's left is Carlos sending me a break up text." Kim just shakes her head and replies. "You know Kris is a big sucker for parties and loves any chance to throw one. Heck, if the cat had kittens she would throw a big party for them. Don't worry about it. Carlos wouldn't dump you today. He would wait till tomorrow." She chuckles a bit and Lizzy couldn't help but laugh at the thought.

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About Jessica Martinez:
29-year-old English major that loves to write short stories and novels. I would love to have one of my stories published one day.

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