Verizon Introduces Their New and Improved Data Plan

Make the switch from the FamilyShare Plan to a share everything plan and start saving!

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: July 11, 2012

Verizon Introduces Their New and Improved Data Plan

Verizon Wireless customers in Southern California can expect to see big savings with the Share Everything Plans that recently made its debut on June 28.

Families, in particular, stand to see some of the biggest benefits by switching from their current FamilyShare Plan to a Share Everything Plan. The new plans include unlimited calling and messaging for everyone, and they allow up to 10 devices to share a single pool of data -- a whole new concept in the wireless industry. Family members on individual plans now have even more incentive to team up with the rest of the family.

Super-connected Southern Californians with multiple devices could also be seeing lower bills. The new Share Everything Plan eliminates the need to purchase separate data plans for each device. They'll never have to worry about approaching the data limit on one device while leaving unused data each month on another.

Scenario 1:

A family of four shares 1,400 anytime minutes on a current FamilyShare Plan. Each has a smartphone with unlimited messaging and 2 GB of data. One parent uses an iPad for his business and the two children each share an iPad. Both iPads have the minimum 2 GB data plans. Current monthly bill: $390

If they switched to a Share Everything Plan, their bill drops to $280 and they gain unlimited minutes. Because the data is pooled across all six devices, data can be used more efficiently, so less is needed.

Scenario 2:

A single gadget lover has a smartphone with 900 minutes, unlimited text and 2 GB of data on a Nationwide Plan. She also has a 4G LTE notebook computer with 5 GB of data and an iPad with a 2 GB data allotment. Current monthly bill: $190

By switching to a Share Everything Plan, her bill drops to $160 a month and she gains unlimited minutes. Data can be shared more efficiently across all three devices, so one less gigabyte shouldn't be missed. And what if they need that extra bit of data one month but not another? What's great about Share Everything plans is that customers can change their data bundle ÔÇô up or down--any time they need to without extending the length of their contract. That's real flexibility.

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