"The Glades" with Kiele Sanchez & Carlos Gomez

A&E's cool little action-adventure show is one of the few shows with new episodes this July‘«™and it's worth a wat

By Se Fija!
Published on LatinoLA: July 18, 2012

"The Glades" with Kiele Sanchez & Carlos Gomez

There are a number of smart and talented Latinos working on cable series these days (take a look at this recent post for just a few of them)‘«™and one of the best and least appreciated is "The Glades," starring Kiele Sanchez and Carlos Gomez are two of the three stars of this smart and fast-moving action/cop drama. Along with Matt Passmore (who's looking more like Jeremy Renner every day), "The Glades" is every bit as entertaining as "Castle" or "Burn Notice" and should appeal to the same fan base. We've been keeping an eye on it for quite a while, and talked about the slightly amazing Kiele Sanchez here (http://www.sefijaonline.com/?p=1261).

We were reminded of all this when we noticed that the second season of The Glades has just been released on DVD, and that the newest episode, airing July 15, gets the group involved with a branch of a real-live extremist group, the Sovereign Citizens. It's not a show to shy away from actual events or from actual emotion, as the current storylines show. Maybe it's the odd scheduling (9P on Sunday nights) or the quiet arrival of new episodes in the middle of the summer that somehow makes the series slip out of view, and makes it one of the most time-shifted shows on the tube (we talked about that back a ways, right here here. (http://latinola.com/story.php?story=10033).

Recent episodes are available online here on A&E's web site, and hulu.com will give you almost all of Season Two as well as much of Season 3 thus far. So next time someone says, "There's nothing to watch!", you've got a good response: "The Glades."

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