You Don't Know My Name: A Story Of Redemption

Take a look at Maria Santiago's life as she turns out the streets of NYC to become Chicago's most notorious gangstress

By Gwendolyn King
Published on LatinoLA: July 22, 2012

You Don't Know My Name: A Story Of Redemption

Latino movie producers! Are you ready to produce one of the best action amazing movies of 2012? Well it's me, your queen of short stories, author Gwendolyn King and i want to introduce you to my awesome main character Maria Santiago the beautiful Latina queen from the beautiful sandy off shores islands of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Maria lives a life of much despair: The shameful life of homelessness.

As a very young woman, Maria's mother and father were both killed in a drug war between one of the Mexican cartels that had swept through Puerto Rico some years back.

Now, Maria comes face to face with life's most difficult challenges, as she is forced to eat out of garbage cans, and live from shelter to shelter.

She must make the horrible decision to leave her beautiful homeland in Puerto Rico and make a new life for herself on the streets of New York City.

Take a look inside the life of Maria Santiago as she turns the streets of New York City out and becomes Chicago's most notorious gangstress.

Her life will never be the same in the amazing, action pack story of redemption entitled "You Don't Know My Name: A Story Of Redemption."

Tell me, is there anybody too hardcore for God?

Find out what Maria does when she goes up against the LA California meth cooks. Mar?¡a Santiago is without doubt one bad mama jamma.

Preview Gwendolyn King's book: You Don't Know My Name

About Gwendolyn King:
My name is Gwendolyn King and im also the author of the well known book Gods Spoken Word A Habakkuk 2:3 Story. The inventor of the witty idea of Busy Ladies Nail Polish Remover Strips. I have a host of friends and familia that support my dreams.
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