Looking for Funds to Finish "Looking for George"

LatinoLA amiga's editing system broke while completing film; she's reaching out to the community for IndieGogo support

By Yazmin Ortiz
Published on LatinoLA: July 27, 2012

Looking for Funds to Finish "Looking for George"


As it turns out, our editing system broke while completing our film, Looking for George and we are coming to the community for support via our IndieGogo campaign.

Please consider the request and if you can help with a donation, know that anything you give will help. 1, 5, 10 dollars, no donation is too small. But if you are going to help, please do it within the next days as our campaign is ending very soon.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to see you at the LATINO movies!

Best regards,

Yazmin Ortiz, Director, "Looking for George"

p.s. Our thanks to Abelardo and LatinoLA for supporting me since the beginning of my career. [i[Eres un gran amigo![/i]

p.p.s. Guess which movie star is introducing this Latina director and her film?

Our Story and the Latino Connection

Looking for George is a truly grassroots, donations-only international documentary "community" project that was shot in several formats in over 10 cities all over the world among them: Athens, Santorini, Paris, Cannes, Berlin, Amsterdam, New York, L.A., San Juan and Tijuana; while traveling on free tickets, staying at hostels and carrying our sack lunches. And yes, the film features Latino locations, music, art and our beautiful language!

Shot any way we could, the film is about life, George (oh yes), places, celebrities, music, art and the entertainment industry. But I hope that you will trust us and let us finish the film before we say any more.

We love our film and we have been working on it for a long time to capture great stuff that we feel you will enjoy and now YOU can be part of it!

[Please check out the wonderful locations video attached]. You can also see some of the posted images at www.lookingforgeorgemovie.com

We hope that you will help us finish the film we have worked so hard at by making a contribution to our finishing fund or forwarding the request to a friend. You will be our best friend forever :)!

About the Director

That's me. Ok, they said I should tell you about me so here it is.

My name is Yazmin Ortiz and I am the director, writer and producer of a little film that I love called "Looking for George."

I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but came to Los Angeles to study film making at UCLA, CSUN and LACC finally graduating with a Master's Degree in Cinema. I have also been an actress since age 5 and spent years in the world of theater, opera, film and TV.

I made many short films in film school and beyond [one of which is listed in IMDB lol] and, somehow, ended up at Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals where I am now one of their new filmmakers/talents (even have my own little website), and where I represented the U.S. and Puerto Rico at the Berlinale Talent Campus after being selected from 3,500 filmmakers worldwide.

I also ended up getting a Women In Film Lucy Award Scholarship and was recently featured with a Spotlight at their Crystal/Lucy Awards, sharing the stage with Jodie Foster and Jennifer Aniston (Oh yeah and the lovely Chelsea Handler introduced me and my film Looking for George :)). [Ok, that was cool].

In addition to working on Looking for George, in the last years two of my screenplays won awards by a European fund and I am currently preparing one of them, which will be my first dramatic feature film, which I plan to shoot after the completion of Looking for George.

The Impact

Well, let's see. We feel the film will take you in a journey of discovery of culture and art and in the process you might learn a thing or two you might not know about these locations, the people and, at the same time, enjoy yourself. You will also see celebrities that you love! We aim to engage people so they can find out more about art! Documentary films have the power to have a huge impact in people and we want to engage youth into learning about art and diversity in the world! We believe in the impact and the need for the promotion of arts in our communities.

We can at least guarantee that you will get to learn about art, music, the entertainment industry and what it is to be a filmmaker and an artist in general.

What We Need & What You Get

We need a minimum of $15,000 for post-production (and if you don't know what that means because you are not in the industry: it means to finish the film so you guys can watch it ~ that is, finish the music, the editing, the color grading, archival footage, graphics, audio mixing, the this, and the that ~ which is all expensive stuff!). The funding you contribute will be used to secure editing time, doing the music, blending the different formats in which the film was shot and on an animation and re-shoot.

Do we have other funding sources? No. We just couldn't wait and we shot any way we could. This lovely project has all been made entirely with donations from caring community members like yourself. So your contribution, however small, is important and will help us finish the project. But if you are going to donate, please do so now as time is of the essence in the next weeks as we are trying to finish the film in time for a film festival deadline.

Every penny raised will go into the production and distribution of the film. The more raised, the faster we can make it!

What's in it for you? Well, our gratitude for one and some great stuff. It ranges from exclusive still photos from the film, to having your event filmed by the director, to getting Executive Producer credit in our film! And if there is a perk that you want to see listed, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to offer it to you! Please check the perks level area!

Other Ways You Can Help

If after we tell you hooooow much we need you, you still find that you can't help us financially, we would appreciate it if you could please help us spread the word and forward the campaign via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and by telling as many of your friends as you can. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts ~ as you know, it takes a village!

Much love, Yazmin

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