United Latinos for More Representation in the Film Industry

Influencia The Movie seeks supporters

By Bernardo Mora
Published on LatinoLA: August 2, 2012

United Latinos for More Representation in the Film Industry

Dear Latinos,

I'm writing to let you know about 'INFLUENCIA', LATINOS UNITED for more representation in the film industry.

Check our campaign: www.indiegogo.com/influencia

Who are we?

We are a group of talented Latino filmmakers and just like you, we love movies, we have been working in this industry for more than 10 years and right now we have a dream: To gain more Latino representation in Hollywood.

What we're doing?

Simply put, we are starting a movement! Our main goal is to make a fusion of Latino talent for filmmaking with global trends in production and consumption of cinema. We feel there is a lack of Hispanic/Latino directors, writers, producers and actors inside the film industry. We want to change it! Great ideas and stories have to be told, but in a way still appealing to the mass audience.

We're raising $300,000 more to reach our goal to complete the full production of the film Influencia.

Go watch the video: www.indiegogo.com/influencia

What is Influencia?

Influencia? is the first of several screenplays we have developed for production. A beautifully crafted thriller story, were we will join Latino talent to attend this underrepresented segment of the market: the Latino moviegoers. Latinos are the second largest contributing group at the box office in the US.

Why Are We Doing it?

According to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), more than two-thirds of the U.S./Canada population (67%) ÔÇô or 221.2 million people ÔÇô went to the movies at least once in 2011. But most interesting is the fact that in past years, Latino/Hispanics and 12-24 year olds are the most frequent moviegoers among their respective demographic categories. Frequent moviegoers represent 50% of the total tickets sold in 2011.

US Movie Market Summary for 2011

Latino/Hispanics represent 22% of the tickets sold with a share of 2.24 Billion dollars, making Latinos/Hispanics the second largest contributing group in the Film Industry.

When we found out about this data through the MPAA, we realized how underrepresented we, Latinos/Hispanics, are in the film industry. We, Latinos/Hispanics, deserve a lot more representation that the one Hollywood allows. So then, we came to the conclusion that the reason why this might be happening is because there is not enough Latino/Hispanic representation behind the scenes. We need more producers, directors, and writers to represent our community.

How Are We Doing it?


Whether you can support us financially or not you can help us by spreading the word via facebook, twitter and blogs.

This film is about a movement and a campaign, and by participating, you can help make it happen. Together, we can spread the word. A better life is possible for all of us.

TELL your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, students about this campaign and share this page: www.indiegogo.com/influencia

SHARE it through Facebook

SHARE through Twitter with our handle @InfluenciaFilm

SIGN UP to our mailing list for updates on the campaign as it progresses


If you believe in this, please help us get the message out.


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