Unions...the working man's last line of defense

Jobs have been outsourced. Pay and benefits out the window. The last act dismantle the unions and enslave the American worker

By Jesse Perez
Published on LatinoLA: August 7, 2012

Unions...the working man's last line of defense

Here we go again, blame the working man for all of America's troubles.

This guy Gallegos, was on a roll until he mentioned KFI radio. That was a dead give away, another right wing tea partier. They hold the Bible in one hand holier than thou and wave the American flag all the while putting the screw to you. They keep talking about the unions and all the money the workers make. Yeah so much money the majority are still only middle class.

The union is their representative and comes to their defense if and when needed. Wow organized labor, what a concept that's terrible.

What about Law Associates or the American Dental Association or the Chamber of Commerce, Why are they organized? They must be bad too.

He talks about high prices but never mentions the obscene salaries and inflated benefits and pensions that non-union CEO's and upper management make.

Now blame it all on the little guy. Come up with a few stories and slam everyone. How dare the worker organize and stand up to the boss man. Put the whip to him.

Well, you know, I'm not rich. Still working part-time semi-retired hopefully easing my way into full retirement in the near future. I will admit I boycotted grapes in the sixties. I marched with the farm workers even though I was not one myself. I am a retired Teamster of fifteen and half years and I would never cross anyones picket line. I don't even need to hear their story. It's all about one working man respecting another working man.

And just for the record I am not an illegal alien. I served my country as a reservist for twenty two and a half years and I am proud to be a hard working Mexican-American who loves this country just as much as the next guy.

But you are right, this country has it's problems and definitely needs fixing. I just happen to disagree with your thoughts and those of the radical right wing. You're barking up the wrong tree.

About Jesse Perez:
A retired Air Force reservist, retired Teamster and semi-retired travel agent

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