News from the Brown Side of Town 8.20.12

Music, news & chismes for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 20, 2012

News from the Brown Side of Town 8.20.12

?ŪOrale, Mi Gente!

Still hot & scorching in the Land of 1000 Dances, and the action here in Aztlan keeps it hot.

Still reading about the atrocities & inequities against LA RAZA in Tuscon, Arizona and Anaheim, California, and it's beginning to scare me. We're getting beaten down, ripped off, belittled, and abused in our own neighborhoods, while white elites and politicians (yes, even the Brown ones) are getting rich and spoiled off our backs ‘«™. and our brave young warriors are still getting killed in action over in Afghanistan‘«™we gotta do something soon!

(Hint: ‘«™VOTE!!... and we're not just talking President‘«™members of Congress are the biggest, most-spoiled and tax supported royal criminals & gangsters I can think of‘«™ so don't go blaming the President for screwing things up all by himself!...Congress helps! )

Still some gut busting comedy routines over the City of San Fernando City Council Chambers‘«™ sounds like a minor league TV sitcom‘«™ the kind you'd wish they would cancel ! LOL! (No wonder J.C. Penney's left town!...are these people future Congressmen?) For some entertaining info on this, check out: www.sanfernandosun.com.

Speaking of gut-busting comedy and taking a much better road in Aztlan, RUDY MORENO's THURSDAY NIGHT LAFFS Show happens this and every Thursday night at the Paloma Room in Montebello, starting at 8PM. For more info, check home~boy Rudy Moreno out on Facebook! Last week, it was ON with Rudy, Roberto Rodrigez, Tom Irwin, Eric Blake, and D. Militant, as we celebrated DJ Sugarbear's 60th Birthday. Laughed my butt off!

Last weekend, the hot and saucy ACE Band kicked up the wind and entertained the masses at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, where they proved they "still got it", as they performed, entertained, and strutted their stuff flawlessly before a pretty good sized crowd. Nice stage moves and plenty of fresh brass, while the MARK SELLS BLUES Band showed them what's up at the El Dorado Restaurant in Long Beach.

This past Sunday, Larry Salas's LRS-Exposure Band hit the stage for some hot & heavy Chicano Rock, R&B, and Latin Soul, and the Gente were happy & satisfied ‘«™ come by and have a cold one with the Gente for the next one this weekend starting at 11am. Only $1.50 admission. For more info: www.santafespringsswapmeet.net

Also last week, Vanessa Hernandez, Edgar Salas, and the TEASE Band rocked the house solid at STEVE's BAR-B-Que in Whittier. Man! They sounded so good, I couldn't stay off the dance floor. And as I've said before, Steve's Bar-B'Que has some great food (best Bar-B-Que in L.A.!) , and they also got a house DJ who knows what he's doing when it comes to spinnin' some fine dance tunes‘«™ NO kiddie stuff, either! Rocky Padilla celebrated his parent's 50th Anniversary here as well last week, and word is that it was a great party. For more info on TEASE Band: www.teaseband.com. For more info on Steve's: www.stevesbarbque.com .

Also this weekend the Mexican Cultural Institute on Olvera Street in downtown L.A. hosted a fitting tribute to the L.A. Chicano Movimiento of 1968-70. BALANCE kicked it up at the Guesthouse in Norwalk, while SOUL PURSUIT made it happen like a party at Sandra's Mexican Grill & Cantina in Chino Hills. COLD DUCK brought 'em in to Maggie's Pub this past Friday, while my good friend promoter STEVE CAUDILLO celebrated his 60th Birthday (the brother don't look a day over 58) with the REEL Band and DJ YNOT at Cuban Pete's (AKA Lakewood Hop). Heard it was all the way live! Happy Birthday, Steve!

But the talk of the town this weekend was ARENA JAM 2012, where TIERRA, The DRAMATICS, Ms BARBARA MASON, BRENTON WOOD, SANGRIA and RUBEN MOLINA & The SOUTHERN SPINNERS DJ Group entertained the masses in style at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, co-hosted by THEE ANGEL BABY of Radio Aztlan. Man!

When homegirl Barbara Mason hit the stage & heart & soul with her Oldies, the crowd went crazy! Of course, Ruben, George Miller and Soulera played the vinyl jam Soul Oldies that nobody else plays, and it was the kind of night you wanted your sweetie to be near, 'cuz the night was just right ‘«™and I had my sweetie near me, as TIERRA's Steve Salas & Billy Mondragon out us in "da mood!"! We were also continuing the birthday weekend celebration of East L.A. Revue's DJ SUGARBEAR . Great concert, great groups, great music, great time!‘«™ ya shoulda been there if ya missed it !

Up north the next day, an L.A. Music All Star group consisting of Ray Carrion, Steve Salas, Rocky Padilla, Greg Esparza, Jeff Lewis, Robert Zapata, Gibby Ross, Tex Nakamura, Rudy Villa, with LOS COCHINOS, PURO BANDIDO,The SCRIBE PROJECT and others made it happen at the VERANO BROWN SOUL FESTIVAL at Rio Ramaza Park in Sacramento this weekend. L.A. couldn't have sent any better music representatives than this group of seasoned pros‘«™got some great reviews from friends up north, too!

This coming week has some very important and well needed fundraiser concerts that we hope to see you all at. Thursday, a fund raiser for CORY SILVA's late father will happen at the PALOMA ROOM in Montebello, where Comedian RUDY MORENO, the "Godfather of Chicano Comedy", will welcome comedians Sebastian Centina, Danny Ingle, and Zhivago, while live entertainment will be provided by the great SOTO Band, with special guests, ROCKY PADILLA and CORY & KEITH SILVA. Doors open at 6pm, and a donation of $10.00 is asked. Cory Silva & the Silva familia have put things together for good causes for the Gente for many years, and it's time we ALL show the Brown Brutha some love back! I hope to see you all there!

Then, on Sunday, August 26th, a memorial concert-fundraiser will be held for Mr. Dan "The Man" Alegria, popular Inland Empire musician known and loved by many, at the A MI HACIENDA RESTAURANT in Pico Rivera starting at 2pm.

Dan was a Viet Nam War Veteran who contracted cancer due to his exposure to Agent Orange, and lost his last battle earlier this month. He was a well known and popular musician who sat in with many popular groups.

Featured artists include: Louie Parra & The MAD LATINS, Ray Carrion, Greg Esparza, SOTO, David Chavez, MALO, Richard Yanquez of BLVD NIGHTS, Phillip Ruiz,The MEDALLIONS, The MIDNITE CRUZZERS, The DEW DROPS, The BIG BAD WOLF band, special guest LIL' WILLIE G, and comedian GILBERT ESQUIVEL, with many other guests. Your host & MC for the evening will be Internet/Cable TV's THEE Mr. DURAN. Show starts at 2pm, for tickets & info: (562) 699-2500.

The best music on the World Wide Web is still heard on here. www.eastLArevue.com 24 hours a day, rain or shine , and as always, we wish mucho love & respect to our brave men & women in uniform, serving our Country around the World.

Check out our calendar page here on LatinoLA.com for some more great happenings, or post YOUR event here. It's FREE!

Orale‘«™until next month‘«™ ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances!

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chiano Soul" heard daily on Internet radio Station www.eastLArevue.com
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