My Separate Reality

Cuentos de un Nuyorican en Mexico

By Louis Cotto Vasallo
Published on LatinoLA: August 21, 2012

My Separate Reality

I'm a Nuyorican, Boricua, Puerto Rican, Latino, and Hispanic whatever you wish to call me, living in Mexico City. I have lived here five years now; loved the vibrant colors and history of this amazing country. Never would I have imagined, during my formative years, from our little apartment in the Bronx, that one day I would be residing here.

What brought me here is another issue; I just got tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, my city, New York City. To say that I don't miss Yankee Stadium, Central Park, the Village, Katz sandwiches on Houston Street, my children, grandchildren, etc. would be a lie.

Here, to my surprise, I have written five books of poetry, taken amazing photographs and have created unimaginable abstract paintings. Mexico is the land of reincarnation for me, especially after reading the Tales of Don Juan Matos (A Yaqui way of knowledge) by Carlos Castaneda. Social issues? Well everywhere I have lived or visited has them, many of them, too many if you ask me, so don't ask. I'm totally abhorred, however, by the high cost of living and the low salaries many workers are paid.

Perhaps during my pre-teen years watching Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Luis and Tony Aguilar, to mention a few, on the silver screen in the South Bronx prepared me for this adventure.

Whatever caused this Puerto Rican to come to these Azteca and Mayan lands I'm grateful.

Here, in the center of my present universe, I have discovered that dreams become realities if you want those bad enough; but most of all Creation assists you if you believe.

About Louis Cotto Vasallo:
Former Marine, retired from Federal Service after 30 years and have traveled to over 20 countries.
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