TOP Ten Reasons We Weren't Asked to Cover GOP Convention

"Boisterous" conventioneers would have thrown cacahuates at us

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 30, 2012

TOP Ten Reasons We Weren't Asked to Cover GOP Convention

10. Bad attitude doesn't play well with 1 percenters.

9. The entire staff showed up with Mexican Mitt Ricky Ricardo hairdos.

8. Hispanic delegates were afraid "someone" would take their lunch money.

7. Kept screaming at Security, "We ain't got to show you any stinkin' badges!"

6. For the same reasons we are not invited to Imagen and ALMA Awards ... too hip for the room.

5. Frankie Firme was going to jump on the mic take it from outer space back into their face.

4. They were all going ride over in the Pocho.com VW bus, but couldn't pass the smog test.

3. Leaked to the press that Clint Peckerwood was going to be a surprise speaker.

2. Kept calling former Secretary of State "Condoleezza Arroz."

1. Confused Mormonism with Jehovah Witnesses and showed up in suits riding ten speed bikes.

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