Inspiring Warrior Spirit Book Trailer Released

Our dreams are sacred, and we must do all that we can to follow our life's vision.

By Mary Rivas
Published on LatinoLA: September 28, 2012

Inspiring Warrior Spirit Book Trailer Released

WarriorSpiritAudio.com ("WSA") has released a book trailer about The Warrior Spirit--How To Use Hidden Mind Powers and Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and More. The author, Mary Rivas, a Mexican-American non-fiction writer, created the trailer to inspire people to live their life's dreams.

The trailer's theme is simple, yet profound: Our dreams are sacred, and we must do all that we can to follow our life's vision. ?áWhen we live our vision, we become whole. To watch the trailer, visit

In this inspirational and motivational trailer, the audience learns that "personal demons," such as, fear, worry, self-doubt, confusion, lack of faith and procrastination, distract us from realizing our dreams. When we conquer them, we become warriors and free to live our life's purpose.

"To follow our life's vision, we must learn to pay attention to that faint voice within that guides us. It will guide us, but we must learn to listen and build inner strength to conquer our personal demons that distract us from our path," says Mary Rivas, author of The Warrior Spirit. The author, who was inspired by the work of Carlos Castaneda, seeks to empower people at the core by teaching ancient wisdom and mind power secrets.

The Warrior Spirit is an empowering self-help audio book and e-book that teaches how to overcome self-defeating habits that keep us from realizing our life's purpose. The Warrior Spirit is more than inspirational and motivational; it provides guidance on how to achieve dreams by tapping into that inner voice that guides us.

At the end of the trailer, the audience is invited to visit http://WarriorSpiritAudio.com to learn more about the inspirational and motivational book. The website offers a free webinar that teaches how ancient wisdom and mind power secrets can help us realize our dreams. In addition, visitors can sign up for a free audio gift. To receive inspirational quotes in English and Spanish, follow Mary at http://www.facebook.com/UnlimitedInnerPower

About Mary Rivas:
Mary Rivas is the author of The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth and Much More!. Mary has a degree in psychology. For over ten years, she has immersed herself in shamanism and ancient wisdom.
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