Another Great Night in the Land of 1000 Dances

San Jose's KOOL KATZ are joined by some of L.A.'s best as they return to the Southland at Nick's Taste of Texas

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 22, 2012

Another Great Night in the Land of 1000 Dances

What can I say ? ...Wow!

Word in the know is that the ultra rich big oil corporations having been spiking gas prices up deliberately these past few months in order to fool the non-rich general public (us) into thinking that it's all President Obama's fault, in order to get their super rich crony and fellow corporate oil company stock holder Mitt Romney elected, because they don't like the way the President has been cutting off all the tax breaks and other unfair goodies to the rich, and making them pay their own way after 2 generations of glut & greediness.

The arrogance and attitude of entitlement of the rich & snooty has always bothered me, because I've watched them get away with illegal S**T all my adult life , while working people of color get taxed and garnished, or put away for things like unpaid traffic tickets, because we don't have the bucks to pay the right people off.

Then, I read something like Doug McIntyre's latest column, and I see why crime pays, and the rich can afford crime, and don't want change & equality for all. Watcha:



If this don't piss you off‘«™then I guess that's why we're in the position we're in if we aren't rich, decadent, and dishonest‘«™illegal means something completely DIFFERENT to the rich & evil,,,know what I mean?...That's why I'm voting !

But hey! Ni modo‘«™the Gente still found time to celebrate life without sweatin' the details and the dumb s**t, and it ended up being a pretty good weekend for a lot of GOOD hard working everyday people who just keep on pushin', and living life large, despite the economy and current politics.

(Frankie giving the middle finger salute to all the folks out of THAT category!)

Word has it that it wasn't the famous L.A. smog that had Brother RUBEN MOLINA and his lovely lady Maricella's eyes watering‘«™their little girl got married this past Saturday.
Congratulations, Brother‘«™you'll make a fine father-in-law . Song of the day:
"I'm so proud"‘«™

And if that wasn't cool enough, popular Chicano singer & Soul Man de Santa Barbara, Mr. PEPE MARQUEZ , married his Lady, the former Yolanda Gonzalez, in Las Vegas this past Sunday. Congratulations Pepe! LatinoLA wishes you & Yoli well and a thousand hugs & handshakes! Some nice pics on facebook!
Lookin' GOOD, Pepe & Yoli !!


So many great parties & shows happening this past weekend in the Land of 1000 Dances, too! Who says you can't have sunshine on a cloudy day ?

The KOOL KATZ made a cool comeback to L.A. this past Saturday, as they headlined a great show featuring Thee RECESSIONS and Freddy G & SMOOTH RESPONSE at the Taste of Texas in Covina.

I was honored to Host, MC, and house DJ the event, along with my brother East L.A. Revue Radio DJ's Sugarbear and Eric Manqueros. Also in the mix were DJ Tom Morin and East L.A. Revue Radio owner/general manager Steven Chavez, and a big crowd of good looking and well dressed BROWN people.

In the crowd I was honored to have my brothers & sisters, Thee Mr. DURAN, EAST L.A. REY, a couple of homies from my old neighborhood of BASSETT, singer Lil' Eddie of the Heartbreakers, EAST L.A. PRIMETIME's Arturo Esparza, and plenty of friends & fans of LatinoLA and Facebook who came up and introduced themselves throughout the night.

Show opened up with DJ Sugarbear introducing Freddy G & Smooth Response, who gave up some hip & hard Old School, Cumbias, Oldies, and R&B jams to get the party started. Highlight of their set was the original ballad "You are the one for me " , written and sung by Freddy Gusman & Alma Gonzalez. " Man, I loved it...being back in front of a hometown crowd, and sharing the stage with such great artists as the Kool Katz and the Recessions. We felt honored to be part of a great show." Freddy tells LatinoLA. He and his lady, lead singer Alma Gonzalez stayed the rest of the night, and joined the party on the dance floor afterwards.

Next up, DJ Chico Manqueros joined THEE RECESSIONS, featuring such popular and well known artists as guitarist/singer Louie Mendez, and legendary East L.A. horn men Bobby Navarette and Bobby Loya ( aka "Los Bobby's") for a killer set of Latin Soul, Oldies, Soul, Cumbias, and good old fashioned rock & roll that filled up the dance floor. Their opening tune " jump, jive, and harmonize" got the vatos in Zoot Suits ( including yours truly) up & boogying on the dance floor mas de aquellas, as Chico banged away on timbales & congas, and the party was on !

" I was having so much fun playing with the band and dancing during the other groups, I forgot I was working this show!" Chico laughed afterwards.

"There just ain't enough time to play all the music all the Gente loves in one night‘«™but we try." a smiling Bobby Navarette said afterwards. A double duty night for Los Bobby's, they had come from a previous performance gig with THEE MIDNITERS only a couple hours before, but they still managed to play their hearts out for the crowd, and the crowd loved it !

Then, after a good set of DJ dancing Rock & Soul Oldies for the big kids (NO kiddie hip-hop, rap, or non stop retro-disco caca here tonight!), Chico Manqueros came on stage and thanked the crowd, LatinoLA, and East L.A. Revue Radio before introducing the stars of the night, the one and only KOOL KATZ de San Jose

With a cool burst of energy, the Kool Katz, accompanied by guest performer Dale Villavicencio of TIERRA fame on timbales, opened up with their trademark original tune "Your love just moves me" that filled the danced floor quickly.

Going through their paces of their "Latin Bounce" routine that has made them so popular in their northern California tour, the Kool Katz put on a hot set of R&B Funk, Soul, Latin Soul, Tejano, and Oldies but Goodies that made them a lot of new fans while satisfying a lot old ones. Lead singer Kelly "The Kat" Galvan was truly in her element tonight, as she sang and danced her way into everybody's heart and gave up a great stage performance, along with her hubby, lead guitarist & co-lead singer Art Galvan.

Highlight of the night was Kelly's & Art's original Oldies-style rendition of the classic Mexican ballad "CREI ".

"WOW!" is about the only term I can use to describe what a wonderful performance this was, as Kelly reached out to all the lovers in the house, and tickled & warmed hearts. I have NEVER heard anybody do with "CREI" what Kelly & Art did tonight, and I made sure I told them afterwards after my Lady & I left the crowded dance floor in the midst of a standing ovation.

"Well‘«™it was either that or 'Sabor A MI' for the mostly Chicano crowd" , Art says afterwards with a big smile. Earlier in the week, Art had asked of the 2 songs , and I had told him that practically EVERYBODY's doing "Sabor A Mi" here in L.A., and hardly nobody does "Crei"‘«™so I guess that's all he needed for him and Kelly to take something like "Crei" to another level ‘«™and the result was simply marvelous & 'WOW!"‘«™

...you should have been there!

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Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone, the Hitman of Chicano Soul , and the Voice of Aztlan" heard daily on world wide Internet radio and a regular contributor to LatinoLA
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