Producer Alvaro Orlando's CounterPunch Heads to AFM

Producer Alvaro Orlando takes boxing feature film CounterPunch to the American Film Market Oct 31 to Nov 7 in Santa Monica

By Fran Scott
Published on LatinoLA: October 31, 2012

Producer Alvaro Orlando's CounterPunch Heads to AFM

Already garnering rave reviews and generating buzz on it's chances on the international film festival circuit, Alvaro Orlando's boxing movie CounterPunch is on the roster at the 2012 American Film Market.

CounterPunch stars Alvaro Orlando as a Golden Gloves boxer in the fight of his life with help from Danny Trejo playing against type as his crisis counselor. Also part of the cast receiving rave industry reviews is Steven Bauer who plays a part in the struggles the Golden Gloves boxer has to overcome with a violent history, and mental illness on the way to the fight of his life. Like Sylvester Stallone, Orlando both co-wrote and stars in the boxing movie which by all accounts is set to be a classic in the tradition of boxing movies. The actors real, and gritty performances are set against both the glitz and underbelly of Miami.

Onsite interviews and screenings for foreign distributors are available at Lowes suite 663 via Robin Hood Pictures. Lionsgate has acquired the North American release rights ahead of AFM for CounterPunch with announcements coming soon.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Miami, "CounterPunch" gives an insiders look into a closed culture the movie going public would not have access to. Alvaro Orlando's own background as a Golden Gloves boxer and mixed martial arts fighter helped in his struggle to bring the unique story he wrote and produced to audiences.

"CounterPunch" the movie is directed and co-written by the award winning Kenneth Castillo, making it the second successful pairing of Castillo and Orlando who also worked together in the critically acclaimed "Confessions of a Gangster" and "Drive-By Chronicles: Sidewayz." "Confessions of a Gangster" showcases Alvaro Orlando's acting chops with his memorable role as a red headed transvestite.

In addition to writer, producer Alvaro Orlando, and writer, director Kenneth Castillo the multi-cultural production team includes veteran producer Ivett Havasi from Hungary, and co-producers Beau Turpin and Tommy Kijas.

"Counterpunch features an international cast and crew from Hungary, Cuba, Mexico, Poland and Colombia with several languages spoken on set. The melting pot cast and crew of "CounterPunch" truly is a diverse collaboration of international talent which lent itself to the unique story brought to the screen.

The cast of "CounterPunch," the movie, boasts Alvaro Orlando as Emilio Manrique, Danny Trejo as Manny Navarro, Steven Bauer as Tomas, Oscar Torre as Uncle Frank, Ivonne Coll as Grandma Daisy, Yeniffer Behrens as mom Lydia Manrique and Camila Banus as romantic lead Talia Portillo. The soundtrack features original music from Nate Mason and composer Carson Aun from True Blood.

CounterPunch's supporting cast includes the talented Bailey Garcia as young Emilio, Jilon Ghai as Teddy, Hungarian actress Lilla Labanc, Jack Guzman as Sergio, Giovanni Bejarano as Beto, Danny Pardo as Benjamin Portillo, Brent Gutierrez as young Sergio, William Corkery as Young Beto Mauricio Mendoza as Officer Montes, Wes Hager as Jimmy, Sidney Howard in the role of the nurse, Lia Marie Johnson as Lia, Annette Marie Smith as Angela, Carlos Pratts as Chris, Myron McClure as Alonzo, Scott Conley as DJ Braxton Davis as Doctor Thomas, McKaela Line as Elise Eric Rollins, Tara Shayne, Beau Turpin, Robert ?üngel Salazar, Mario E. Garcia, Michael Cash, Julian Cagney, Maia Kahlo, Kevin Strom, Tommy Kijas as Donnie, and is poised to become a classic in the tradition of boxing movies.

Alvaro Orlando is a Golden Gloves Boxer, and mixed martial arts contender, who carried that discpline and hard training into acting. Orlando first began behind the scenes working in production as a camera operator, sound mixer, and video editor for several networks. Orlando then went to film school for four years to master the art of story telling until he moved to California were he won VH1's "Pick Up Artist" in 2009. Among Alvaro Orlando's stand out performances are his role as Ceaser Mendez in the Weinstein Company's "Revenge," to his much buzzed about performance in the 2012 Sundance selection "I Am Not A Hipster."

Alvaro Orlando credits "the great team around me and the Sundance film for opening a lot of doors" for the young talented actor.

Updates and direct interview requests are available via the "Counterpunch" Facebook fan page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/counterpunchmovie.

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