Alzheimer's Education for U.S. Latinos

Novartis Pharmaceuticals aims to help close diagnosis gap for Latinos by providing in-language information and resources

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: November 2, 2012

Alzheimer's Education for U.S. Latinos

According to research conducted by the Alzheimer's Association, the number of older Hispanics with Alzheimer's and related dementias could rise more than sixfold from fewer than 200,000 cases today to as many as 1.3 million by 2050.?á

Studies also show that there is a higher level of responsibility among Hispanic families to care for elders and accept cognitive impairment and dementia as a normal part of aging.

While the family's commitment to caregiving is strong, without having adequate information on Alzheimer's disease family members' needs may not be properly addressed. Today,?áNovartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) announced an initiative that aims to educate and inform the Hispanic community about Alzheimer's disease, focusing on a special need among the Hispanic population.

As part of their efforts, NPC is collaborating with Univision, the leading media company serving Hispanic America, to focus on delivering educational content through Univision's broadcast programing, including the healthcare platform "Salud es Vida" (Lead a Healthy Life), digital platforms and community outreach efforts.

"The U.S. Hispanic community faces multiple challenges and misconceptions that impact their awareness and recognition of this disease. NPC seeks to bridge some of those disparities by helping to raise awareness and understanding about the disease and its treatment options," said Andr?® Wyss, President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. "Alzheimer's is a condition that may go undetected by the community, but uncovering the signs is imperative to those families touched by it. This initiative will focus on awareness and education, both of which have a parallel impact on diagnosis and treatment."?á

NPC, the makers of medications for Alzheimer's, collaborated with Univision due to the network's effectiveness in driving action for various issues impacting U.S. Hispanics. The main focus of the collaboration is educational and aims to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease among Hispanics.?á?á Informative discussions about Alzheimer's will be featured on some of the network's top rated shows and there is a dedicated online space where consumers can access information about the disease in Spanish. Additionally, NPC will be on the ground, providing Hispanic families with educational collateral at some of the network's key local events.

"Education is the best tool for empowerment in our community. As we strive to improve the health of the Hispanic population, initiatives such as this will help address the importance of conditions that may go undetected, such as Alzheimer's," said Jane Delgado, president and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive and devastating condition that gradually causes the loss of memory and complications with thinking and behavior.?áHispanics are 1.5 times more likely to develop the disease vs. the Caucasian population.?áResearch has also shown that Hispanics have very low awareness levels about the condition, which results in them not being diagnosed or treated. ?á?á

Extending the effort, a local grassroots outreach will roll out in top Hispanic markets where NPC will participate in key community events disseminating Spanish language educational materials.?á

NPC is an active advertiser in the Hispanic market. NPC ads currently run on Univision Network's television stations, and several other Hispanic media outlets.

About Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's disease is a progressive and devastating condition that gradually causes the loss of memory, and complications with thinking and behavior.3?áThe disease afflicts more than five million people in the United States and also impacts millions more who love and care for these patients. Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer's, but treatments for symptoms are available, and research continues surrounding the disease and its causes.5

About Novartis
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation researches, develops, manufactures and markets innovative prescription drugs used to treat a number of diseases and conditions, including cardiovascular, dermatological, central nervous system, bone disease, cancer, organ transplantation, psychiatry, infectious disease and respiratory. The company's mission is to improve people's lives by pioneering novel healthcare solutions.

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