Urban Myth: New Heroes for a New America

Creators Raymond Ayala, Kim Jacinto, Eric Battle and fans agree on a new world of relevant heroes

By Keisha Frazier
Published on LatinoLA: November 19, 2012

Urban Myth: New Heroes for a New America

In light of the recent election, everyone seems to be looking for a hero; someone who can represent them, save this nation and protect their future. In 1941, Captain America was created in the midst of a country at war. In 2012, in a much more diverse America, there are new powers on the block in a city like yours.

In the newest venture by Planet Random Comics called Urban Myth, the heroes and gods of ancient mythology are reborn and retold in contemporary times. Urban Myth introduces a completely new world of heroes, which proudly represents the transforming demographics of America. This new world is being launched as a graphic novel that can exist as a whole or as separate smaller issues.

According to the Creative Director and founder Raymond Ayala, including multiculturalism in his comics just happens naturally.

"I've been building this universe since I was eight years old, and it's always been about telling cool stories. My passion is rooted in my belief that together with fans and other creators, we can build something great from the ground up that reflects the world we live in."

For millennia, select individuals have been given a gift of cosmic proportions. Staring with nearly 20 latino heroes, this new world introduces more leading latino characters than over 50 years of Marvel and DC Comics. These new-age superheroes are relevant and diverse, reflective of global mythologies and an international creative team.

With a host of new and veteran writers and artists, such as Eric Battle who is credited with titles such as Batman, Aquaman and X-Men, Ayala is certain that his team of ingenious minds provide a distinctive voice to the Urban Myth story. With artists representing Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico, there is also a natural commitment to produce all materials in English and Spanish.

The Sword Maidens are the first hero collective in the world of Urban Myth. Although, female superheroes have often been outnumbered in comic book history and females of color were even more so, of these five leading ladies three are African American and two are Latina. MARS the principal hero is of Puerto Rican descent.

Urban Myth can be considered a family affair. In Epic, with art by Kim Jacinto, the story features the three youngest New Olympians as they start to learn the ropes of crime-fighting. Epic is represented in whole as an independent comic/creative workbook that is intended to bring the world of Urban Myth to young readers in a format appropriate for all ages. It also seamlessly fits into the collection of stories in the complete graphic novel.

Urban Myth's story begins with the first issue, "The Gifting," which is 27 pages of original heroes in non-stop action that sets the background for the narrative. A Kickstarter campaign to fund this graphic novel was launched on October 13th and will end on November 22nd. Achieving their initial goal of close to $4,000 will allow for a digital release of the 75 page graphic novel in 2013. As a backer of this project, you can pre-order the novel or choose from a host of other rewards.

For further information visit http://planetrandom.net or connect with Planet Random Comics at www.facebook.com/PlanetRandom or twitter Twitter.com @PlanetRandomNet

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