Easy There, Sunshine!

When it comes to interacting with fast food employees, sometimes people let their egos get to their head.

By Liliana Mota
Published on LatinoLA: November 28, 2012

Easy There, Sunshine!

"No wonder you're working here, if you can't get my order right, it's a given you're not going anywhere in life."

Ouch, that's harsh.

Believe it or not, a customer actually said those exact words to me. Oh the joys of working at a fast food joint, especially McDonald's! Now, if you've never worked at a restaurant, then you probably won't be able to relate, but if you have or are currently working, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

I learned a lot working at McDonald's -- people are cruel  and pretty rude for the most part. Don't people realize  I'm also human and make mistakes? It seemed as if they thought I was inferior to them just because I wore a visor and a red t-shirt along with black Dickies and a McDonald's logo.

I'm sorry I forgot your barbeque sauce, ma'am, I sure am glad you yelled at me, I learned my lesson. And you're right, I'm sure as Hell not going anywhere in life. The only place I'm going is to the walk-in freezer to get more nuggets to cook so you can purchase and then happily consume with your barbeque sauce. I may be a McDonald's employee, but at least I'm not overweight and have clogged pores!

Oh, was I a little too harsh there? (Too bad I never actually said that to a customer, it would have been interesting.)

I wonder if these rude customers ever stop and think about their behavior. I wonder if they ever think: "Wow, what if that was me and a big jerk was yelling at me?"

I'm positive you wouldn't like it, so why yell at other individuals who are just doing their jobs. Okay! I forgot your barbeque sauce, who cares! Mistakes happen, get over it! Did someone die? Did the world end? Guess what! It didn't! So why don't you drop your attitude and be nice!

I consider myself a humble person. I never talk back to anybody, I am happy every single day, and if someone is rude to me, I treat them with respect. Why? Because my parents taught me manners. There's no need to yell, use vulgar language or make a scene, I make mistakes, I'm pretty darn sure, YOU do too.

The point I'm trying to make is, sometimes people let their egos get to their heads. I think at the end of the day some of us forget we're all the same. We're all humans. No matter what type of car you drive, how much money you make, if you're fat, tall, skinny, brown, pink, black, yellow, white, purple, where you live, if you speak with an accent, if you're Mexican, Chinese, African, reality is, YOU and I are the same. We're HUMAN. So stop with the shenanigans.

Oh, shout-out to the lady who yelled at me. For the record, I am going somewhere in life, I'm 19, I attend Cal State Fullerton, I work two jobs and hopefully someday I'll be working as a news anchor for Univisi??n. I'm pretty successful for a 19-year-old. So the joke is on you! Ha! And I spit in your drink!

No, I'm totally kidding, but I wish I did!

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