Let's Assist Texas Update Its US History Lessons

Texas is rewriting U.S. history and highlights the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist act

By Armando F. Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: November 28, 2012

Let's Assist Texas Update Its US History Lessons

I was thinking that since Texas is currently rewriting their own private version of US History for their school texts that this would be a great time to offer them some new history versions for their consideration.

Now that Texas is considering to highlight the Boston Tea Party as a terrorists act, we can begin looking at other parts of history that should be reexamined and updated.

Here are some of my suggestions that I think Texas should consider in their new history text versions.

1. General Sam Houston may have been visited and advised by extraterrestrials.

2. Big Foot was raised in the state and has recently been sited in the plains of the state.

3. Austin, Texas was once the nation's Capital.

4. The Civil War never happened.

5. Santa Ana actually made an offer to purchase The Alamo and once his offer was refused he got angry and viciously attacked.

If asked about research background I can always ask a few of my bar drinking buddies and see if they agree with my "facts".

I may have missed some new facts and I welcome some from the readers.

Copyright 2012 by Armando F. Sanchez

About Armando F. Sanchez:
Armando F. Sanchez is a retired educator,a national public speaker and a New Media executive producer.
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