A New Year's Resolution of The Heart

Technology vs. human interaction In our daily lives

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: December 31, 2012

A New Year's Resolution of The Heart

In this high-tech world of ours with all of our modern communication devices it seems we should have more time for ourselves and for those we love. However, it looks like the more gadgets we invent the less time we have for those whom mean the most to us.

These days we are just much too content to fire off a text message or a quick email without a second thought, a testament to the paradox of our new technology. There is always a new gadget around the corner to learn and figure out; often at the expense of "real world interactions" with those whom we love.

There is no time to sit down in the morning with our elderly Fathers or Mothers and share an old fashioned cafecito con pan dulce (coffee with pastry) like in times past. Because now days it is much easier to drop by the local coffee shop with its Wi-Fi, while multitasking with friends and co-workers and firing off cappuccino-laced emails.

But sadly, somewhere lost among this technological morass are the sweet memories of the laughter shared by family members over almuerzo (breakfast) and the quiet reflections of the day's events at la cena (dinner). Is it that we have we become too content to slave over our gizmos or are we now becoming slaves to them?

We enter our homes in the afternoons and the kids are sitting in front of an electronic box which has them hypnotized and holds them hostage by its offerings of over one hundred and fifty channels. While teens are upstairs conquering entire galaxies with their electronic games, others have their eyes glued to little telephone screens "talking" to their novios or novias. While technology is wonderful, could it be that we are too easily tempted these days to exchange a personal interaction for just a quick electronic email or a text message?

To be near our loved ones, in person while spending time with them is one of the richest experiences we shall ever have in life. Seeing their smile while giving them a big hug is priceless and there is no technological marvel which can ever replace, hearing a Te amo (I love you) in person. So how about making a New Year's resolution of the heart for ourselves?

Taking time out for our loved ones and enjoying their presence in our lives is what life is all about. A hug, a kiss, a well-said compliment can mean the world to those who are special to us. Let us never forget that our Hispanic culture is based upon love, honor and respect, and that is something which technology no matter how convenient it is, can never replace!

Frank Solis Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
Frank Solis is a Chicano creative writer, poet and songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. He seeks to help Hispanic youth and seek to inspire them to reach for the stars and obtain a higher education and the success that comes with it.
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