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Preparing for Our "Summer" Travels to South America

The first in a series of articles following the footsteps of an avid traveler and his wife

By Armando F. Sanchez
Published on LatinoLA: January 28, 2013

Preparing for Our "Summer" Travels to South America

Well, my wife and I are ready to begin our travels to South America, which will last for two months.

Friends ask me how does one begin to prepare to be gone from home for two months and go to South America.

The answer is that Trini, my wife and companion, and I started planning by sitting down together and talking about everything that could go wrong on our trip. We started discussing about getting lost, getting sick, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting robbed or worst yet, being in an accident or dying. We started preparing by expressing and surfacing our worst fears and anxieties about this trip.

My wife and I travel a great deal. Last year we took three separate trips. We went to the Baltic countries, Italy and Hawaii. Each time we travel we acknowledge the many potential dangers of traveling to foreign countries. The possibility of dangers while traveling are real. Dangers can't be denied and must be faced.

Okay, we discussed them, we acknowledge them and now we begin talking about the details of planning the trip.

Our fears and anxieties are real but living is also very real. Death will come regardless whether we go or not, so lets' go! Life was created to be an adventure. Traveling heightens our senses. New music, new cultures, new art, new thoughts. Traveling provides us an opportunity to see the world from the perspective of persons we run into.

As usual when we travel, we run into others traveling with us that are actually older and have done this same journey many times. Last year when we were crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Baltic for the first time and several of our fellow cruise passengers were sharing that they were on their fourth and fifth crossing.

Now that we have brought to the surface and expressed our fears we can now begin to do our background research on the nine South America countries we will be visiting for the first time.

I'll share my research finding on these countries on my next article.

I am hopeful that my articles and updates will help many others to follow our footsteps and make visiting South America a reality!

I welcome all recommendations from readers who are familiar with South America to post their reactions and suggestions here on

About Armando F. Sanchez:
Armando F. Sanchez is a retired educator and is a national New Media executive producer. You can locate him on Facebook & LinkedIn/Armando F. Sanchez.
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