Book Review: "The Neighbor" By Eliana Alexander

In Beverly Hills, it's not how you feel, it's how you look that matters. Here's a compelling look behind the curt

By Dr. Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: February 6, 2013

Book Review: "The Neighbor" By Eliana Alexander

As a Media Professor and a Journalist, I read a lot, I was fortunate to come across a new book by Actress Eliana Alexander entitled The Neighbor. I loved it and couldn't put it down and say this after five years of grading University term papers and senior thesis.

The Neighbor is a fictional story written from the inside out in full visceral color; you can almost smell lilac flower beds in the pages and want to wipe your feet before you enter a white carpeted parlor.

It is a murder mystery that takes place in current day Beverly Hills about Caroline Geish, a world-famous county singer living a perfect single life, a little too perfect. As former Sunset strip street band Poison says, "Every rose has its thorns"...

Writer Eliana a well known actress has no doubt has been behind gated walls, as an honored at multimillion dollar Hollywood mansions and gated condominium complexes.

She records the Mise-en-Scene ambiance and textures of modern Beverly Hill's life as clearly as an I phone 5 video recorder. We know these people visually, we have heard their songs on IPod viscerally, yet is all comes out of the heart of a gifted writer who has been behind the curtain, and flash burned by tabloid pirates.

There is a handsome and successful plastic surgeon moves in next door. Shortly after they meet, there is a murder and the country starlet is framed for a horrendous crime. What is discovered during an investigation is the deep rooted plot to destroy Caroline and her entire family.

Investigator Nate, is a special Ops, 007, a hired gun who, unravels this embroidery of intrigue, lies, misdirection, bloody foot prints running though manicure lawns, past emerald BMW's and Yellow turbo Porches.

The story swirls and builds to a crescendo like is Stravinsky piece, ironically Igor settled in West Hollywood back the day himself. The puzzle starts to fit piece by, lie after uncovered lie, until the portrait reveals a digital image of the true killer of true yet flawed genius.

In Beverly Hills, it's not how you feel, its how you look that matters. Look behind the curtain at "The Neighbor" by Eliana Alexander.. You will not be disappointed.

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