Heavens Tears

Domestic violence must stop!

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: February 25, 2013

Heavens Tears

My tears fall from Heaven,

for my heart has now grown

quiet, as no longer is my laughter

heard among the ones I love.

Now there are only tears, where

once there was happiness and joy,

and melancholy moments where I

used to dwell.

I believed your lies, and paid the

ultimate price, as you turned

my world upside down, with

your abusive ways.

I cannot change the past, or

end the sadness and regret, of

your broken promises, which

became, only heartache and pain.

As the coldness within your heart,

gave way to the hate you felt inside,

my love for you never died, until

the day, you took my life.

Now my tears, fall from Heaven,

In the falling rain for all to see,

as I walk among the flowers of

the world, and beside those who

still remember me.

Written for abused Women throughout the World in hopes that Humanity may wake up and stop the domestic abuse of Women.

Copyright 2013 Frank Solis. All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
Frank Solis is a Chicano creative writer, poet and songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. He seeks to help Hispanic youth and seek to inspire them to reach for the stars and obtain a higher education and the success that comes with it.
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