ChimMaya Evolves: From Beauty to Beauty

Vamonos a ChimMaya This Weekend: It is "The Event..."

By Guadalupe Gonzalez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: April 6, 2013

ChimMaya Evolves: From Beauty to Beauty

Hola, Mi Gente. This has been a busy time, with Passover and Easter dovetailing, and all the special traditions that accompany those dates.

We enjoyed Easter dinner at my Mami's house. I kept running lines from "Annie Hall", the Woody Allen movie, with our film editor nephew..."Dynamite ham, Mrs. G.!!" Only we were at separate tables, so we kinda had to yell out the lines over all the other conversations that were ongoing. The sedate conversations. Not! Since when do we have "sedate" conversations in my family? Nunca. I would not have it any other way.

One of our nieces commented, very sedately, by the way --"Yeah, you just pick out which conversation you want to join and just jump in, whenever and if you can." This was said with a straight face and I thought, "Dang, (well, I thought something else), Dang, she is so right." This remark was made to a newcomer to the group. Both just sat and looked. I think it is how someone looks when they want to hop in and jump rope and there are two ropes going and you want to figure out how to get in and not get all sorts of gravel on your knees and elbows...

So this week has been spent winding down. Although I have been on the prowl for the fabulous potato salad my sister made. It was in this huge plastic container that looked as if it was about to go into orbit at any moment. And it was piled high. When I asked her where it was and told her how delicious it had been, she revealed the leftover whereabouts. Then she musingly said, "You know, everybody said it turned out great. But I forgot one of the ingredients and I still cannot remember which one..." Hmmmm--obviously the papitas and mayo were in there, the egg whites were in there, I do not know what was missing! But they sure were great.

I only ate seven pink jelly beans and stayed away from all other sweets. Then our younger nephew came by and said that my watch (plastic) smelled of candy. I took it off and let him hold it. After one sniff, he said, "Nah, that's not it", walking away as I called out, "It's the jelly beans I am eating." He seemed disappointed that Tia Lupita and all her fun stuff did not include a candy-scented watch. I feel for you, Kiddo. I will tell Willie Wonka. (See the movie, "Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory", the original one--based on a story by Roald Dahl...who was married to the actress Patricia Neal...the one who had a stroke...OH! Never mind, I know too much chisme.)

And, now the down time is going to pay off. I am well rested and ready for this weekend's EVENT: [ChimMaya is having a hugemungous sale. Ginormous. I will even write the word I used to adore, hearing it on Spanish language radio or tv, especially with the echo sound effect: ?íGANGAS, Gangas, gangas! And it is all for the better.

Remember, once upon a time, there was a world without our ChimMaya? In that space, there was emptiness and a gnawing, a yearning for what could be? But ChimMaya lived in the imagination of two wonderful people, two people who saw ChimMaya as we know it now. A place filled with color, and warmth, and goodness, and familia e amistades, a place to gather and a place to find wonderful, unbelieveable treats. Nuestro lugar. Nuestra ChimMaya.

This dream grew and blossomed into the ChimMaya you and I walk into today, where we are able to take un respiro profundo, and know we are home. And, better yet, if we are on safari for some goodies for a celebration, for an anniversary, for a friend who needs a bit of love, or simply for ourselves, this is the place to go. No need, ever, to go around and around in a mall, like a nutty merry-go-round. Nope. This is where every item has been pre-selected by the discerning buyers/owners. ChimMaya knows Mi Gente[ and, Mi Gente knows ChimMaya. And we love it there.

I can never walk into ChimMaya and not walk out a better person. And I know mi querido will laugh when he reads this and say, "Yeah, better person, loaded down with bags and goodies!" Okay, y que? I cannot be a better person inside AND out? Me pongo bonita para ti, mi Amorcito. And even on the occasion when I walk out without any bags, I am the better for having visited ChimMaya. For there, I see beauty, I hear loveliness, I am enveloped by love and friendship.

There is no "all news" channel blaring in the background, yammering about stuff I have no need to know right away. No sound of bullets cracking in the background from some dopey crime show. No bodacious tatas on the tele, cheering on some b-ball team. Nada.

Just wondrous, beautiful and fun moments. Actually, I once met a lady with whom I had attended third grade at St. Alphonsus School. We remembered our teacher, Mrs. Erkinger. And spent a great time remembering our classmates. "Whatever happened to...? Remember when Sister....? How many kids do you have...?" Only at ChimMaya. Where people talk to people.

So, the BIG SALE IS ON FOR THE WEEKEND! And I am ready. My car is loaded with all my recycling for those extra pennies. They may make a difference between a teensy bit more. Something for me, something for mi Mami. Remember, El Dia De Las Madres is just a hippity hop away. Time to get our Mamis something fun, and beautiful. Something that will make their eyes light up. Something that will cause them to leave a great big ol' lipstick kiss on our cheeks. ?íAndale!

Because, [/i]Mi Gente,[/i] ChimMaya is growing into its next phase. Now a well known gathering place, it is stepping up into the world of art and artists. The Gallery element of ChimMaya is being placed front and center--ChimMaya has been moving in this direction for many months now. You may have noticed the prominent display of artwork, the emphasis on what Mi Gente does best, the evocative use of color, drama and movement to reflect our lives and our cultura tan noble. You may have attended the amazing art shows, with the artists in our midst.

Now it is time. Time to evolve with the needs of the community and with the desires of Mi Gente. A new ChimMaya will, in time, display it's new loveliness to us all. We trust that the dreamers behind ChimMaya will do us proud, yet again. As they always have.

?í?íAlli nos vemos!!

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Guadalupe Gonzalez(c)2013.

Times are Changing and ChimMaya is Changing with the Times

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