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Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols takes a deeper look into the critical issues facing the U.S. Latino community

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: May 30, 2013

Join Nat Geo Mundo In New Landmark Series

America: the land of the free where opportunity is at every corner. For some, this is the American Dream and the main motivator that drives them to come to the U.S. They transform their lives ÔÇô and sometimes their bodies ÔÇô as they grasp for long-held ideals that are wonderfully within reach. However, for others, it can be a very different and difficult life, as they battle unforeseen challenges like obesity that comes from indulging in new foods and a more sedentary culture; or balancing school, work and new parenthood as young teens.

Traveling cross country, award-winning journalist and national MundoFox news anchor Rolando Nichols introduces the many sides of the U.S. Hispanic community in Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols.

Premiering on Sunday June 2nd at 9PM ET/PT on Nat Geo Mundo, Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols is a special four-part series that follows individuals of Hispanic descent and tells the story of their triumphs and struggles as they establish a new life in the U.S. Sharing in each of their individual journeys -- from the tears of failure to heartwarming success-- Nichols sheds light on the topics of interest, the social nuances and issues Hispanics endure today, bringing his signature style to the series.

For many immigrants, living in the U.S., means exposure to great opportunities to build a successful career or attain their definition of "beauty," while others experience challenging hardships, including obesity and teen pregnancy. In Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols, audiences will discover that these truths are even more evident in the Hispanic community. For some, the American Dream has been a well-fought battle, while others continue to fight for their right to live and work in this country. Nuestra Mirada profiles the success story of Alberto P?®rez who built a fitness empire with his launch of the Zumba, creating an exercise craze after emigrating to the U.S. from Colombia. But, while Alberto has made a name for himself in the fitness world, others find themselves struggling with adapting to a new diet as they move to the U.S.; approximately one third of Hispanics suffer from obesity.

Navigating life and love in the U.S., nearly one out of two Hispanic women have their first child before the age of 20. Nuestra Mirada introduces resilient women who are balancing work, school and new parenthood as they struggle to provide a better life for themselves and their families. Lastly, the series delves into of the pursuit of beauty. For many, the issue of beauty is to find the fine line of how to present oneself in the U.S. Esmeralda Henr?¡quez went so far as to pay $2,000 for the "perfect butt", instead, she is in constant pain, from a dangerous and unlicensed procedure which cannot be reversed. And she is not the only one, clinics offer plastic surgery for a "Colombian bust" and a "Brazilian butt," with loyal and obsessive patients. With the average American woman spending $450,000 in her lifetime on beauty treatments, join Rolando Nichols as he explores each intricate issue and the motivating factors behind it.

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: El Sue??o Americano
With hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to the U.S. in search of work each year, by 2050, one in every three U.S. residents will be Hispanic. And, all are in search of the same thing, the American Dream. Learn the story of Alberto P?®rez, founder of ZUMBA whose hard-fought battle for success came from a difficult path marked by a lack of opportunity. Next, meet Bernardo Ramos and Alicia Torres who are both struggling to overcome their challenges. Bernardo has created a life for himself in California after many years of fighting deportation but cannot reunite with his wife who is in Mexico, and Alicia who has lived in the U.S. for over 20 years but cannot practice nursing because her status as an undocumented does not allow her to legally work despite her proper schooling.

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: Obesidad
One out of every three Hispanics suffers from obesity. While moving to the U.S. can provide a wealth of opportunity, it also opens the doors to new foods and changes in lifestyle that place individuals at an increased risk for developing obesity. Host Rolando Nichols meets one couple who are working on eating well and exercising to maintain a healthy weight. There's also Maritza Fuentes who would like to lose weight but her medical needs make it difficult. In contrast, Jennifer Barreto and Guadalupe Hern?índez are proud of their appearances; Guadalupe even refers to himself as "un gordo feliz", "a happy fat person".

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: Obsesi??n por la Belleza
There has been a cultural change about the idea of beauty and the acceptance of what defines it. Much of this is in part because of celebrities who have never been shy of their curves. To attain these A-list looks, women in the U.S. spend $450,000 throughout their lifetime in beauty treatments and products. This need for fulfillment of beauty has led Katherine Davis to spend a great deal of money each month towards beauty treatments and Esmeralda Henr?¡quez spent $2,000 in her pursuit to have the perfect backside. Unfortunately, Esmeralda went to an unlicensed practice in a NY apartment and ended up with long term pain. Then there is Sandra Lopez who visits Mis Curvas Latinas, which offers a "Colombian bust" and "Brazilian butt" for women looking to achieve what's considered culturally perfect.

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: Embarazo en Adolescentes
The rate of teen pregnancy among Latinas in the U.S is nearly 50% which presents challenges to newfound parenthood. Seventeen year old Stephanie Medrano is married and five months pregnant, with her husband and parents supporting her as she awaits her new baby. Jennifer Rosamarino has a more difficult situation, her daughter's father is in jail and she must support her mother, who does not work, in addition to her daughter. Brianna Serrano is also in a difficult situation, when she became pregnant; she thought about having an abortion and was warned by family and friends alike about how difficult it would be to raise a child. Then there's Jennifer Corona who ran away to live with her boyfriend at the age of 15. After becoming pregnant, her boyfriend left her and her parents have been supporting her and her son. Through her resiliency and perseverance, she will soon graduate as a nurse's assistant and be able to support her nine-month-old son.

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: El Sue??o Americano
Premieres Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 9PM ET/PT

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: Obesidad
Premieres Sunday, June 9, 2013 at 9PM ET/PT

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: Obsesi??n por la Belleza
Premieres Sunday, June 16, 2013 at 9PM ET/PT

Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols: Embarazo en Adolescentes
Premieres Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 9PM ET/PT

Join Nat Geo Mundo this June in exploring our world and how culture affects decisions with Nuestra Mirada con Rolando Nichols starting June 2nd 9PM ET/PT.


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