A Song Instead of a Tear

Casa 0101's production of Trio Los Machos is a theatrical experience you will never regret

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: July 29, 2013

A Song Instead of a Tear

Having had another artistic experience that has taken me to the brink of tears in appreciation of thespians and live stage play -- in that I was enthralled by a live stage performance that touched off more than a couple of emotions -- I feel more than compelled to share it‘«™and I know I wasn't alone in this experience.

CASA 0101's production of TRIO LOS MACHOS, a play written by Josefina Lopez and directed by Edward Padilla, is such an experience, that I highly invite you all to enjoy‘«™and bring friends and family.

Whether you call yourself Mexican, Mexican-American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Central American, South American, Latino, or Hispanic, TRIO LOS MACHOS is a passionate story of us all‘«™culturally, historically, artistically, and emotionally.

Featuring hauntingly beautiful music of the famed TRIO LOS PANCHOS, softly performed behind almost every scene and caesura by Jesus Martinez and Marco Aguirre, TRIO LOS MACHOS captures the historic Mexican immigrant experience of a generation of young men coming to America in the early 1940's , aging them up to today and the type of men we can easily recognize now‘«™sans a story‘«™up until now.

Told in a series of interactions and flashbacks that range from humorous to heart breaking, the stage design & lights take you through a kaleidoscope of scenes and experiences that ultimately draws the audience into the story and the deep emotions reflected.

Three young men cross the border in the early part of World War II to work in the Bracero Program, an immigrant farm worker program that came to be in order to free up Americans to go fight overseas.

After a couple of incidents of abuse & maltreatment -- experienced, felt, and witnessed -- the three young men discover they have much in common besides their natural talent for harmonizing during a hard day's labor.

Choosing to seek a career in music rather than in the fields, the three young men become successful over the years as a singing group‘«™but not without life decisions that keep two of them from marrying, and keep one of them holding a lifelong grudge that is only overpowered by his love of music and the dream to succeed over a lifetime.

Rocio Mendoza plays Aurelia, the early love of two of them, and the source of the grudge once she joins the trio as the female vocalist...and the source of anguish in later years. Her return as a singing angel many years later is one of those scenes you need tissue for, as two older men reminisce, square off to fight, then finally make a tearful peace over a misunderstanding that spanned over 50 years.

After being fired for being too old, the trio comes to a crossroads in life and their career, when suddenly, after a brief scuffle over one's continued wild behavior, one of them is hospitalized and ultimately has to be cared for by the other two‘«™forcing them to live together out of necessity and an unrecognized love for each other...and the machismo that keeps them from admitting it.

In a surprise turn of events, the two struggling macho men find out an astonishing secret about the third, and their realization that they all need and love each other, no matter what, is another tissue-grabbing scene as the two men openly weep for their friend now in a coma‘«™and their acceptance that he is going to die and leave them.

In another surprise turn of events, the third man who was dying suddenly‘«™well‘«™I'll leave that to your imagination and conjecture in hopes that it draws you out to CASA 0101 to come see, enjoy, and experience Josefina Lopez's TRIO LOS MACHOS ‘«™... and bring some tissue !

Henry Madrid, Miguel Santana, and Roberto Garza are simply in the right spots in their art as Paco, Lalo, and Nacho...and their singing isn't bad, either!

Author's note: Besides the beautiful music and singing, CASA 0101 also has on display a most impressive art gallery of historic photos & paintings that is noticed on the way into the show‘«™and much more appreciated and given a second notice AFTER the performance!

Treat yourself to a night at the theater with the art of live stage plays in the heart of East Los Angeles‘«™an experience you will never regret!

More info on Trio Los Machos.

And schedule for future productions: Casa 0101

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