Wilmore 9 Festival Puts Long Beach on National Fest Map

The 3-day fest will feature films, concerts, art exhibits, food trucks and even professional skateboarding this weekend

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: August 2, 2013

Wilmore 9 Festival Puts Long Beach on National Fest Map

The 1st annual WILMORE 9 Festival will take place August 2nd. 3rd. and
4th. in the heart of Long Beach, offering 97 different things to do --f ilms, arts, music, culture, food and skateboarding -- in 14 different locations.

The festival will include a Latino night featuring a Grammy Award-winning band and inspiring films.

The Wilmore 9 Festival will feature 10 indie films (three world premieres), seven feature documentaries (two world premieres), 48 indie bands and world class contemporary art from all over California. It will also feature professional skateboarding, live theater, stand up and improv comedy, beer garden, crafters, performance art installations, dodge ball, kickball, a filmmaker panel, and about 30 food trucks.

Most of the venues for the Wilmore 9 Festival are located on or around north Pine Street, between 6th and 8th streets, in downtown Long Beach.

All the film screenings will take place in alternative venues such as an abandoned 1925 ballroom, a 10th floor 1922 art deco solarium, a warehouse, a parking lot, a Italian restaurant, and a 1899 high school auditorium in Long Beach.

There will be three world premiere feature films shown at Wilmore 9, including The Theory of Love. The film director Jean Oliver will be flying in from Paris for the showing on Sunday, Aug. 3rd.

There will also be a filmmakers' panel on film distribution and a film awards ceremony at Thunder Studios at 7:30 pm on Sunday, Aug. 4rd. One of the members of the famous Long Beach band Sublime will give the award for best music video that night.

Also the world premiere of the documentary The Game Don't Change will take place at 6 pm at Long Beach Poly on August 2nd. The doc is produced by Duke Givens, a high school friend of Snoop Dog. The doc tells the story of Duke and Snoop and their friends as they grew up in Long Beach some 20 years amid intense gang violence and the devastating effects of the violence on the individuals and their families today.

Forty-eight bands ranging from local musicians to Hollywood headliners will perform on three main stages throughout the weekend.

The Grammy Award winning band Quetzal will perform Sat., Aug. 3rd in a Latino night featuring the films Saliendo Adelante and Dream Big at 77 from 6 pm to 9 pm on Saturday August 3rd at Long Beach Poly High School Auditorium.

Also a world class art exhibition of contemporary art from around California will be shown during the festival. Also do-it-yourself crafters will be demonstrating arts and crafts as well as selling their one-of-a-kind pieces.

Furthermore, festival goers will be able to play some dodge ball and kickball. Also taking place that weekend will be the improv comedy show Look What I Have Found and the live theater performances of Ravens & Writing Desks and the Shandrow All Star Comedy. There will be an installation performance art/film exhibit, too.

A custom-made skate park will also feature six of the best skateboarders in the world performing on Sat., Aug. 3rd. The skate park will be also open to the public.

There will be refreshments available throughout the fest. There will be a beer garden, featuring five local breweries by the outdoor main stage and beer and wine on a second main stage.

About 30 of the best food trucks from around Southern California will be offering a gourmet selection of cuisine around the festival.

The Wilmore 9 Festival vision is to grow the 3 day festival into a 9 day event over time into the largest festival on the West Coast. John Case, the festival founder believes this can happen because Long Beach has a authentic vibe that can't replicated as a result of being the most ethnically diverse city in America, located on the coast of Southern California with the best summer weather in the USA, and within an hour's drive of 15 million people.

For more information visit www.wilmore9.com

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