LVictoria - No Limites/No Limits Video

Watch the new video from Latin Pop/EDM artist, and LA resident, LVictoria!

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Published on LatinoLA: August 23, 2013

LVictoria - No Limites/No Limits Video

Watch LVictoria's "No Limites" Now!

"No limits" is the credo that rules LVictoria's life and music. As accomplished and driven as she is humble and unique, the Latin bombshell commends attention with her sweet, smart and saucy approach to modern music.

Multi-talented muso LVictoria (Laura Victoria Ojeda Bustillos) has created her own musical genre--a uniquely delicious and infectious blend of Latin pop/EDM with rock influences. The Venezuelan-born singer is also a talented guitarist, songwriter, and producer who has put out three lauded albums (with her band L.A Velvet), done national and international tours, and counts music for TV and films among her many diverse credits. Now the Los Angeles-based performer launches her solo career with the August 2013 release of a stunning EP appropriately titled No Limites.

The title of the EP's first single and video, "No Limites," is the perfect description of LVictoria's approach to music. "My soul wants to keep growing and evolving," she explains. "I just want to express myself and let the music take control; I don't want to have limits, but always experiment and let my heart speak for itself in order to share my energy to the audience.

The message and energy is what matters, what people feel." In the vein of Prince, or other single-named superstars like Shakira, LVictoria is a diverse yet cohesive artist who defies easy categorization. Her new songs-- No Limites is a precursor to a full album in 2014 -- ranging from edgy dance-pop mixed with reggae ton, live percussion and trumpets "No Limits" to her cool, dark rock-dubstep take on Inxs' "Need You Tonight," where she express herself thru her guitar riffs and solos

A bit of a prodigy, the young talent began piano at the age of 7, and by 10, she was studying guitar, vocal technique and, harmonica, an unusual instrument for a little girl in a Latin country. Her older brother turned her on to rock and metal, and discovering Iron Maiden and Guns N' Roses when she was only 6 "changed my life, pretty much," she laughs.

"From my father I got into pop, Latin and classical, and on my own, I was very attached to jazz and blues."

"After I heard all these music and songs like "Still Got the Blues" from Gary Moore when I was so little, I knew I was going to give my heart and soul to my music career one day; I remember already feeling that rush inside of me." Also a fan of articulate artists including 4 Non Blondes, Gwen Stefani and Fiona Apple, by the time she was a teenager, LVictoria was following in the path of her favorites, fronting her first rock band.

"We were invited to play a rock festival in front of thousands of people. I was 14 and it was very scary," she says. "Part of my hair was blue, and I had on a brown leather jacket and big Janis Joplin glasses, and even though I just showed up, people asked for my autograph! They said 'you're going to be famous and we know it.'" For LVictoria that show marked a turning point in her young life.

"Before I went on, I was petrified; I couldn't move," she recalls. "So I imagined a line on the floor, I said, 'if I cross this line, this is it forever, there's no way I'm coming back. I crossed the line, they opened the curtains and I was on. I was shocked in front of that many people, but instantly loved it and felt 'this is home, this is where I belong." No point of return.

Fans and promoters agreed, but while the feisty rocker made name for herself touring in Venezuela, she wasn't yet making a living. So she followed her parents' advice and went to college, earning a bachelor's degree in literature and languages. LVictoria, an avid reader, cites Kafka, Jack Kerouac, Baudelaire, Jorge Luis Borges and Carl Jung as favorites, noting the authors help both in her provocative lyric writing and mastery of English, her second language.

However, singing in both Spanish and English--often within the same song--helps give the multi-cultural artist a wide breadth. In fact, the song "I Believe In You," was initially inspired by fans who wanted to hear her sing in Spanish, but twisted around to empower LVictoria's own audience.

However, it wasn't an easy road getting to the place where she wrote "I Believe In You," as LVictoria explains: "I never had an easy in, no relatives in the music business. But my parents are both lawyers and instilled a strong work ethic in me. They told me I could be anything I wanted, and when I was little, my father, who is also a musician, used to tell me I was born with a star behind my ear, but it was up to me to make it happen."

To that end, following college, she decided to leave everything to pursue her dreams. Deciding that New York was the place to break into the music scene, LVictoria ventured to the United States by herself. Despite the culture shock, she bartended to earn the money and time that allowed her to go to CBGB every Saturday, the Village Vanguard, and numerous events. The devoted guitarist met such stellar players and influences as Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and also landed a paying gig as a jazz, blues and bossa nova singer in a night club. Still, the young vocalist thought, "where's the cool rock scene I dreamed of?"

While she appreciated the challenge of New York, it wasn't meant to be her ultimate destination, and LVictoria retreated to an aunt's home in Florida, where she encountered her own "Crossroads" (as in the film where bluesman Robert Johnson mythically sells his soul to the devil in return for guitar genius.)

"I was very lonely. Yes, it helped me write music, but it was a painful moment in life," she says. "I felt like a chameleon and I could naturally do so much, but didn't know how or where; there are so many paths, and I'm going to have to choose the one that feels right in my heart." A heart-to-heart phone call with her mother while walking down the long beach of St Petersburg led to a decision to try Los Angeles, birthplace of Van Halen and many of the rock bands she loved. Borrowing money, LVictoria found her way to Hollywood and finally felt like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

She worked three jobs, often exhausted to the point of tears--but it was all to put together a band, put out a record and experience her dream of touring the U.S. The ambitious artist invited some friends to join her and founded the acclaimed LA Velvet, where her combination of "street smarts and book smarts," helped the band flourish: "Sure, there were scammers in Los Angeles, but I knew if I didn't find right team, I could always do it myself."

She produced LA Velvet's first record, Pure, Sexy, Loud Rock n' Roll, and worked with Anthony Focx (Aerosmith, Queensryche, Vince Neil). From the band's first L.A show in 2009 on the Sunset Strip, fans went wild. "At our first show," remembers LVictoria, who was shredding on the guitar and singing her songs, "the audience loved it so much they wanted an encore, but we didn't have any more songs! We had to jam the first song again."

Two more acclaimed albums with L.A Velvet followed, and sales reached as far as Japan, Italy, Canada and Spain. One review of their sophomore album raved, "The One I Love is a thunderous mix of indie rock and electronic influences that mix together well and whose main goal quite simply is to enthrall and rapture the listening audience with its infectious melodies."

Indeed, LVictoria's talent, work ethic and charisma earned impressive endorsements with Jackson Guitars (her hot pink Randy Rhoads Flying V, the signature axe) DBZ Guitars, Seymour Duncan Pick Ups, Coffin Cases and Diamond Amplification, as well as opening slots for LA Velvet with Slash, Ratt, Faster Pussycat, Love / Hate, and a gig at the prestigious Sunset Strip Music Festival opening for Quiet Riot

After successful U.S. tours and three albums with LA Velvet, writing and producing songs for music and film was a natural progression. LVictoria landed songs in 18 TV shows, including "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and some movies. But ever the musical seeker, she played some shows in Europe, which added yet another dimension to her life when she began listening to electronic dance music (EDM). "Nero, Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Feed Me, Krewella, and all these new amazing music is great too; it almost felt like it has the metal energy," she observes. "Also during her first visit back to Venezuela years later, LVictoria became more immersed in Latin pop.

"I decided that I needed to do something on my own, to be solo, not for ego, but so I could write any style and naturally let my heart speak for itself," she explains. "I'm always hungry for that. I want to give my energy, life and light to the audience--but not only in one genre; "No limits mi Amor" is what I say! Being back home, I came back to the center to who I really was, to the Latin roots who I am by birth, but still completely loving hard rock and now EDM."

LVictoria rightly felt there was no reason she couldn't combine it all--"it was all in me, and I wanted to share it. I've always loved dancing salsa and Venezuelan tambores drums as much as I love rock guitar. I thought, 'Wow, what if I put the whole thing together--Latin pop EDM and some live Rock guitars?!" Et voila, the new genre that is LVictoria's own was born. She feels very strongly that "music is all-inclusive; it connects us to each other, no matter the genre, it give us life, a feel and a purpose."

Clearly, No Limites, her five-song debut EP, has something for everyone while retaining the sharp focus of LVictoria's stellar voice and lyrics. "I've been writing by myself a lot and working with Soul Mechanix (Snoop Dog, The Game, Kid Ink)," she notes, and has also joined forced with Daniel Williams (Interscope and American Idol).

A high-budget, high-energy video for "No Limits" was shot in Venezuela with a party at the beach and the mix of traditional Venezuelan Tambores and futuristic robots, and following the EP's summer launch and a tour in Venezuela, LVictoria will return to her home base of Los Angeles in September to introduced her legions of fans there to her latest musical venture and adventure. With a lifetime of impressive experience and credits already behind her, the bombshell musical mastermind that is LVictoria is poised to bring her talents full circle with her new solo career.

With a blend of her Venezuelan fire and the a strong German family work ethic, the "rock goddess" gone solo gets back to her roots with energy and music of many different colors. But whatever you call LVictoria's unique and cohesive musical melding, it's all about no fear and no limits, for both the stellar singer and her devoted audience.


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