#Raza - Support Your Local LA Businesses and Entertainers

We need Raza to come out, support local business and entertainers at places like new The Love Hate Rock Bar & Grill

By Rudy Moreno
Published on LatinoLA: March 17, 2014

#Raza  - Support Your Local LA Businesses and Entertainers

Hello Raza,

I'm afraid I have to vent otherwise I will go crazy.

As you know, I have been doing comedy for many many years, and I was one of the first to have comedy shows locally in many of the venues in this community. Victor's, Black Angus, Rudy's , Commerce Casino, Club Sash, Pacific Palms, The Granada, Ambientes, Caddys, The Brave Bul,l etc .... and I have done so with the intention of bringing quality comedians with TV credits locally so we dont have to go out to Ontario, Hollywood or Brea to see these guys .

Most recently I have had the pleasure of meeting with the new owners of Rudy's Baja Grill (now known as The Love Hate Rock Bar & Lounge at ) and they have been very nice and accommodating.

Here is my gripe: Over the years when we have had shows, many people told me, "We need somewhere closer, not on a weekday... Don't you do shows on Saturdays, not so expensive ."

.... blah blah blah.

This club has made it convenient all the way around: It's on Saturday nights, it's here in the area, and its FREE to get in!

But as usual, we want something else. Someone even had the balls to ask for free drinks! This is upsetting, plus the fact that we ask you guys to come down and SUPPORT live comedy and YOU still decide to leave us hanging .

Not to bitch (I suppose I am ) but we need the support of the community to come out and support local business owners like David Lozano and Jerry Gutierrez, Razadoing business within our own community and comedians doing their thing, Latino comics especially in this town.

Why are you not supporting us?

Black folks, Jewish folks, Asian folks all support their own, but unfortunately for us, if we don't get EVERYTHING free, we don't go out and support.

This is a crying shame. I can always find work, but I choose to be here in my hometown community and entertain mine. At the same time you should support local business.

Please RAZA think about this!

If you were in our shoes, you would expect the same support. Thank you.

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