News From the Brown Side of Town

Chisme and music news for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 23, 2014

News From the Brown Side of Town

?ŪOrale, Mi Gente!

It may be the beginning of Spring in Aztlan, but the music & action for that good looking, mature Latino crowd in L.A. is definitely hot and heating up.

I laugh to myself as I have my morning coffee & menudo on a nice Sunday morning,
NOT crudo, reading some reviews of the new minor leaguers who are just starting to hit the scene 4 or 5 years out of high school, fresh out of or still in college (or post lypo, Jennie Craig, and fresh gym membership) who write & post and share about "old people" crowds, and what a bummer time they had sans hip-hop, rap, ear-splitting heavy metal or banda music, or hookers & dope dealers giving discounts.

"Old people" -- meaning folks like me, my Lady, and other good looking 50 & over Gente who know how to act & have a good time in public without getting stupid pedo drunk, loud, lame & disrespectful (como sportsbar jocks), or whorish in public (como girls gone wild, WHOOO!) -- sounds pretty complimentary to me when you consider the crowds, art, music artists, friends, music and dancing we enjoy without TV coverage and police intervention. (snicker, snicker...sorry, kids!)...

...so if you aren't out looking for a sugar mama or daddy, an easy lay, or to take a chance on gettin' in on some live violence where you might end up on TV news, check out us "old people."

...it's been said, "When life gives you lemons...relax, and make tacos!"

So now, on with the music. ?ŪOrale! Watcha:

Last week was all about bringing it back & keeping it alive, as I was honored to Host and DJ for BROCHA MAGAZINE's 4th Annual Pachuco Ball at Nick's Taste of Texas Restaurant in Covina. The Gente were out and SERIOUSLY looking good, all dressed up in the Pachucada that made even the proudest of today's bald & baseball hat wearing flavored cholo blush. LOL!

Veteranos in creased Zoot Suits & tongos, with Brown babes in makeup, hairdos, skirts and high heels, definitely lighting the place up like no other on this night.
Talk about style wit' a smile! Cameras were flashing all night long!

The Rocky Padilla Band, with special guest singer Mike Castenon, put on a memorable performance of Chicano Rock, Oldies but Goodies, Old School, Cumbias and Funk dance music that kept the dance floor full and jumpin'. Place was packed, and we all had a good time.

Sunday, we caught some really good Mariachi and a killer breakfast buffet at La Paz Mexican Restaurant in Calabasas before we hit the high road for Santa Fe Springs, as the ever-popular SOTO Band, featuring Andrea Guerrero, lit up the swap meet for about 1,000 fans, dancers, and shoppers, as Bruce Soto and the band celebrated Bruce's birthday with a great concert & show. As always, the dance floor was packed with happy dancers as SOTO gave up a brilliant performance.

The whole weekend exploded with music & dancing as groups like Thee MAD LATINS, TEASE, The BROTHERHOOD, PEPE MARQUEZ with BECKY CORDOVA & GROOVELINE, BB WOLF, DW3, and others worked out and made the music for the people, and people like Monibee Henley made the earth move...

...maybe that's why there was an earthquake in L.A. that Monday?

The Chicano Music world lost another Brown brother from East L.A.'s East Side Sound in pioneer Tony "Beaver" Carroll this week. Best known for his early work with The Jaguars, Salas Brothers, East L.A. Revue All Star Band, and most recently, George Salazar's 2nd Time Around Band.

RIP, Tony Carroll. Thanks for the music & the memories, Brother !.

Thanks to the man upstairs for watching out for some other brothers, as Internet TV's Richard "THEE MR" Duran and singer Andy Rojo were briefly hospitalized this week, but came home with a clean bill of health.

Whew! Glad to hear that!

...get well, Brothers! We ain't done yet !

This past weekend was the BIG ONE in L.A., as RAY CARRION, one of L.A.'s leading Latino musicians & band leaders celebrated his birthday with a 2-day party at GRINGO's CANTINA on Whittier Boulevard in Montebello.

Both Friday & Saturday night were sold out, packed houses as members of AZTECA, El CHICANO, TIERRA, MALO, THEE MIDNITERS,REDBONE, PONCHO SANCHEZ BAND,and SANTANA joined up with others and gave it their all for Ray and a most grateful & enthusiastic audience for 2 nights of straight out PAR~TAY!.

The "Who's Who?" and cream of L.A. Latin Rock/R&B music talent on Saturday night included top gun musicians led by Ray Carrion: Victor Orlando, Danny Santillan, Tony Banda, Joey Navarro, Bobby Navarrette, John Burrolla, Tex Nakamura, Mike Castenon, Bobby Loya, Keith Jones, Paris Escovedo, and Gilberto Torres.

Add that music treasure collection assemblage with singers Hank Castro, CHICO's Bertha Oropeza, TIERRA's Rudy & Steve Salas, TeCheetah Lopez, THEE MIDNITER's Greg Esparza, Mike Jiminez, REDBONE's Pat Vega & Joe Dominguez, and SANTANA's Greg Walker, with "deadly" DJ David Rhodes spinnin' between the cuts, and YOU can do the math....

BOOYA !...one of the better music concerts anywhere on the West Coast. A most memorable night in the Land of 1000 Dances indeed! Happy Birthday, Ray!!

The music & entertainment doesn't stop in L.A. Watcha:

Saturday, March 29th:

‘«ů Special demand matinee performance (last one) of the stage play "CHICANAS, CHOLAS y CHISMES" at the CASA 0101 Playhouse in East L.A.
for more info: www.casa0101.org

‘«ů Frankie Fontaine & The COMPANY BAND, along with the Frankie Fontaine Band perform for a dance~party at the Canoga Park Knights of Columbus. Also: DJ Godfather ~FRANKIE FIRME will be your host & MC.

‘«ů SMOOTH RESPONSE Band takes the stage at IV Private Party Lounge (formerly Club Sash-Guesthouse-Ramada Room, etc) in Norwalk. 562-868-0991

‘«ů THE BIG ONE: The L.A.DIVAS SHOW, featuring:Ersi Arvisu, Becky Cordova, CUICANI, Jacnique H. Love, Norrell Thompson, and TeCheetah Lopez~ Steven's Steakhouse, East L.A. 323-761-6496

Sunday March 30th

‘«ů Open jam or any and all L.A. musicians (or any in the area that day) regardless of Genre. An open forum and stage, FREE to the public and artists who wish to perform in air conditioned comfort. No games,no gimmicks. Just bring a good attitude! We supply the power and sound guy. A great way to meet musician, and for newcomers to rub shoulders with veteran artists. Whittier Radisson Hotel, in the Lounge Ultra Bar. ALL MUSICIANS & their fans welcomed! 562-758-0611.

FREE parking.

Saturday April 5th

‘«ů Frankie Firme Host's & DJ's for the L.A. return of Texas Chicano Rock powerhouse VUDU CAFE. Also performing, Gil Rocha & Boulevard Nights. Mayflower Club, North Hollywood.818-935-8516

Saturday May 24th

‘«ů Frankie Firme host's & DJ's for Fresno's CHICANO FAMILY FESTIVAL featuring live bands, food, and some of the finest Chicano Art & Artists o the West Coast. Special appearances by actor Danny De La Paz
Fresno Super Mall- 559-473-8293


Rudy Moreno continues his famous Wednesday Night Comedy Shows at the Pasadena Ice House, celebrating 15 years of giggles & laughter www.rudymoreno.com

Best Chicano Music on the Internet: www.eastLArevue.com and for those who like a taste of Tejano: www.ChicanoExpress.com

Whole lot more happening in between so check out here. http://latinola.com/calendar.php our Calendario section or catch us on Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy the arts, music, and times of our lives!

Ay te watcho from the Land of 1000 Dances.

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul
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