Quetzal Follows Up GRAMMY With First Concept Album Quetzanimales

Urban animal odes told through cumbia, salsa, folk & alternative rock, bossa nova, R&B and Mexican son

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: June 24, 2014

Quetzal Follows Up GRAMMY With First Concept Album Quetzanimales

The Grammy Award winning East LA Chican@ rock group Quetzal sets to release its first concept album on July 29th through new independent label Artivist Entertainment.

On the twentieth anniversary of their first flight, Quetzal introduces us to another sphere of being, one that challenges us to reimagine human life in relation to the other forms of life. The concept began with the idea to assign all band members to write acoustic songs about urban animals.

"The traditional music we're influenced by often focuses on animals," says band founder Quetzal Flores. "They become these themes by which people create poetry. They're usually metaphors for their own lives or some type of struggle." The result was an 11-track collection of odes to animales aptly titled Quetzanimales, where songs come to life through the sounds of funky afro latin beats, bluesy melodies, and country inflected soulful ballads.

Quetzal is the collaborative project of Quetzal Flores (guitar), Martha Gonz?ílez (lead vocals, percussion), Tylana Enomoto (violin), Juan P?®rez (bass), Peter Jacobson (cello), and Alberto Lopez (percussion). The musical ensemble is influenced by an East LA rock soundscape composed of Mexican ranchera, cumbia, salsa, rock, R&B, folk, and fusions of international musics, and also one whose political vision is based in social activism, feminism, and the belief that there is radical potential in expressive culture.

A sneak peak of the album was posted via a lyric video on YouTube, of the upbeat The Smiths-inspired "Perro Caliente" (Dog In Heat), a song that describes the power of play and eroticism within bodily flesh. The "panting, begging eyes" and "gyrating thighs" of the dog in heat calls to mind the vast dimensions of anticipation that strengthen our spirits to desire beyond what is now. The visceral is powerful knowledge. More lyric videos will be released as previews on YouTube between now and the July 29th record release. There is also a new playlist on SoundCloud which previews "Perro Caliente" and "Spider's Lament" from the new album, https://soundcloud.com/artivistentertainment/sets/quetzal-preview-songs-from

Artivist Entertianment is an organization founded by Aloe Blacc, Maya Jupiter, Quetzal Flores, Veronica Gonzalez and Alberto Lopez dedicated to supporting and creating music and art for positive social change www.facebook.com/artivistentertainment.


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